Another Look at the MLS Table

Beginning this week and re-appearing periodically throughout the MLS season we’ll begin a new exercise looking at the MLS table in a different way. Assuming clubs should get an optimum of three points at home, and aren’t expected to achieve results away from home we will see who is performing the best right now. This is particularly instructive since the MLS, partly due to being in so many multi purpose stadiums has a very unbalanced schedule. We’ll be able to tell from this exercise who is stealing points on the road and who is dropping points at home that they shouldn’t. Thus far it appears the Revolution has been the most successful team “stealing” point particularly when you consider their numerous injuries. The team that has given away the most points is no surprise: the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Home Form

Each team gets 0 points from a home win, -2 for a home draw and -3 for a home loss.

Columbus 0

Toronto 0

Houston -2

Red Bull -2

RSL -2

Chicago -3

Chivas USA -3

Colorado -3

DC United -3

New England -3

San Jose -3

FC Dallas -4

Kansas City -5

Los Angeles -5

Away form:

Each team recieves +3 points for a road win, +1 for a road draw and 0 for a road loss.

New England +7

FC Dallas +4

Chicago     +3

Colorado   +3

Columbus +3

Kansas City  +3

Toronto +3

San Jose  +3

Houston +2

Chivas USA +1

DC United 0

Red Bull 0

Los Angeles 0



New England            +4

Columbus                 +3

Toronto                    +3

Chicago                     0

Colorado                   0

FC Dallas                  0

Houston                   0

San Jose                  0

Chivas USA           -2

Kansas City          -2

Red Bull               -2

RSL                     -2

DC United          -3

Los Angeles      -5


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