Chelsea v Manchester United: Video Evidence of Penalty Decision

The biggest match of the Premier League season featuring Chelsea vs Manchester United came down to one crucial decision by referee Alan Wiley. Unfortunately, we’ve only seen one camera angle of the alleged Michael Carrick handball, but here it is again:


Pay particular attention to the 15th second of the video and you’ll clearly see the Michael Carrick handball incident.

After reviewing the video in more detail, I have to admit I made a mistake. Watching the game earlier today at a local pub, I was convinced the assistant referee and referee Alan Wiley made the wrong decision. I even criticized Wiley on the EPL Talk Podcast episode released earlier this afternoon. But watching the video online and rewinding it and freezing it, it’s clear that the referee’s assistant and Alan Wiley made the correct decision. Michael Carrick handled the ball and Chelsea deserved to win the penalty.

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  1. lol i like that comment…
    “if you can jump without lifting your arm, then that’s something else”

    Eh well, it’s only a talking point, just like the numerous penalties that were not awarded to Arsenal this season.

    West ham pose Man united the most problems, especially over the last few season, I can’t wait to see how that turns out…

    And the same goes for Chelsea and Newcastle… Toon’s playing pretty good now and I’m starting to regret making harsh comments about KK, but Chelsea haven’t had the best of luck when they’ve traveled to St. James’s park…

    It WAS a penalty and will stay a penalty…

  2. Well you should have have known better than to question it considering all the other signs. The Entire crowd behind the goal called it with one voice when it happened, and Carrick himself did not protest.

    So you had the crowd unanimous, the Ref’s Assistant give it instantly, and the player offering no argument.

    Seems pretty clear to me.

  3. It was a poor call and a poor decision to decide a game on that call. Maybe if you call the penalty on Ballack for his assault on Ronaldo then it would even out, but this call was a disgrace.

  4. I would strongly disagree with the penalty decision.

    There was no intent , carrick was jumping in the air trying to block the cross without raising his hands . His hands were naturally where it was suppose to be when someone is jumping.

    It wasnt intentional but somehow the linesman is so confident and points out a clear handball to the referee… makes you wonder whether THE FA is trying to prolong the premier league instead of concluding it by making Man Utd the champions.

    Im a Liverpool Fan , but in all honesty, this was wrong…… and THE FA knew what there were doing, it wasnt a wrong call to them .. it was a delibrate and desperate call to hand chelsea the penalty just to keep the title race goin.

  5. OMG stfu, it was a penalty, he handled it inside the box, and in the heat of the moment the referee was in no position to turn it over, cuz he apparently didn’t see it as clearly as the linesman did, or me on my TV

  6. Professional defenders would hide their hands behind them when marking inside the box because the attacker can cleverly target the defender’s hand and win a penalty. My point is, you don’t handle the ball inside the penalty area and expect to be forgiven because you jumped “naturally”. It is the rule of the game. If you handle the ball you’d be penalized unless you’re seen to make deliberate effort to avoid hand contact.

    The linesman was VERY convinced about the contact and perhaps intention and did not hessitate to make his call.

  7. This is such a penalty.. I am a chelsea fan but i must admit i doubted the decision.. but when you watch the replay this is clearly a pen… I can’t believe “Jvain Torres Haha ‘s comments, like there was some kind of FA conspiracy.. how about the United chelsea game at OLD trafford when mikel got a red card for no reason and saha got a penalty for no contact? what about the Barcelona penalty last week.

  8. The rule is unclear apparently under fifa laws i.e. penalty is given when its deliberate hand ball in the box…someone who has the fifa laws on them or can bother looking them up should clarify. TBH from first viewing i didn’t even know it had happen. You have to see it several times to see it hit his hand. His arm seem to come towards the ball, whether that was because he was trying to avoid a handball by having his arm as part of his body is unknown. Some are given some are not. In the end the main point is the rules need to be clarified…not convinced black and white interpretations should exist… I suppose though where there interpretation scrutiny will also exist.

  9. well, well, well, looks like the FA want to prolong the championship race. There is no other possible reason to award a penalty in that circumstance. There was no clear intention from Carrick, who tried his best to push his chest at the ball without provail. At first i tohught it had come off his knee, then with further replays i was certain that it had hit his knee. Sure, when you slow anything down to frame-by-frame pictures things start to look at bit suspect. At best the ball flicked his shirt.
    Apart from that incident i would like an explaination as to why a penalty was not awarded to Christiano Ronaldo for manhandling by Barrack. Barrack stopped the run on Ronaldo with his arms and hands. This is the CLEAREST penalty i have ever witnessed.

  10. it was deliberate hand ball and a deserved penalty! carrick jump with his left leg first in the air, so it should be his right hand at the front. you can clearly see that his left hand goes together with his left leg and then after the contact with the ball it swung faster than his body movement which meant only on thing, the ball hit his hand and he was deliberate on putting it there!

  11. WRONG especially ferq’s comment must have been watching the outter space game…

    He didn’t lift his hand or arm above the shoulder…rio was standing behind him waiting for the ball…no deliberate contact …the rule says it has to be deliberate…and/or raising hand above the shoulder…difficult to jump without moving your hands and arms…at least for humans…it’s a shame a referee determines the outcome of a game…it’s also strange the Chelsea tied champion’s with an own goal by liverpool…and this game by a referee’s decision…it seems chelsea can’t win on its own.

    as for ferq, wait to make comments until the pints have worn

  12. Comments regarding making up for the penalty not given two minutes earlier are out of order. Drogba played the ball twice with his hand, the second time was when he knocked it on to Brown’s hand. The fact is that Ballack should not have been on the pitch to take the penalty after wrestling Ronaldo to the ground in the area. That was the only clear penalty of the game, and he should have picked up hiw second yellow card. Like the penalty Ronaldo should have got against Barca, when again the man commiting the foul would have been sent off, the referee bottled it.

  13. whatever about it being a penalty or not .. it was certainly less of a penalty than emerton, blatent ball to elbow with intent, for blackburn last week and this i’m sure is the force of man united fustration.

  14. As a Man U fan, i must admit that i’ve seen penalties given for less. I don’t think anyone was really disputing the penalty decision, what they were disputing was the way that Ballack restled Ronaldo in the box. I know that there is a lot of shirt pulling, pushing and shoving that goes on when most corners are taken, but that was something else……

  15. If you can tell thats hand ball from that video, you are something special, Carricks hand was there and it goes down after contact. I can only assume you are a Chelsea fan. It was an appaling decision.

  16. The type of bitter squabbling that goes on most message boards is embarrassing.


    Penalties are given all the time; it’s part of the freakin’ game–and Man U certainly knows about shady referee decisions going in their favor. A result is not going to be overturned because a bunch of bad losers complain about it on the internet. If Manchester would have gotten a last-gasp penalty in the same circumstances, you’d all be defending it. You people are the appalling ones.

  17. I agree with Dave absolutely. If it had been at the opposite and of the pitch the same people bitching
    about the decision would be saying it was a definite penalty.
    In my neutral opinion, if Carrick had been 4 or 5 yards from the ball when it was crossed, you could make a claim it was ‘ball to hand’. In this case he was at least 12 yards away and therefore it has to be considered ‘hand to ball’, and that is the way the linesman instantly saw it.
    The correct decision was made, stop whining.

  18. In my personal opinion and as a referee myself i think that carrick jumped with his hands in that position and if he was in the air with his hands there its not a penalty.. but the video is inconclusive as it only shows the point at which the ball hits his arm.. so if we could view the part where the moment carrick is in the air.. and i dun think that you would jump tryin to block the ball with your arms behind your back, plus it looks to me that he tried to pull his arm back.. but as a referee in this situation your decision would also be based on the assistant referee as he is closer to play..

  19. i’m a united fan through n through, it was a penalty carrickjumped, raised his arm then took it away, the linesman had to have balls to give it so fair play to him, whiley on the other hand missed ballack wrestling ronaldo during the corner , not even looking at the ball, and carrick was shoved in the back as the ball came accross to ronaldo when cole cleared it off the line. united didn’t deserve to win but i think a draw after the onslaught they survived in the first half hour.

  20. I am a United fan, but I’m also a referee. This was clearly a handball, regardless of whether Carrick’s hands were in a “normal” position when jumping. Players (esp at that level) are expected to keep their hands out of the line of play. If the ball was played from perhaps two yards away, that might be a different call entirely. But from where he was standing when the ball was struck, he was responsible for keeping his arms out of the line of fire. Penalty, no question. (As sorry as I am to say that!)

  21. I’m a united fan and yes i can see why it was given. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not – you can’t grumble, i think i would have given it. As has been said before this wouldn’t have made so much difference had Utd been given the penalty they deeserved during the corner but they weren’t, which obviously leads to frustration. If utd had scored that then the league would probably be over as Chelsea would most likely have gone down to 10 men and 2-1 down. But that never happened.
    So Utd need to show what good champs they by picking themselves up to win in the week against Barce and then West Ham and Wigan. After that who knows, revenge against Chelsea or rubbing the scousers noses in it!! Live the dream MU!!

  22. Ball to hand everytime, if the ball had bounced back rathern deflected up I would say penalty, the fact it went towards the goal mouth putting us under greater pressure, even though Edwin gathered it in shows it wasn’t intentional, he was pulling his hand back and away, hardly the movemenet of someone intent on protecting their goal at all costs. If it was such a penalty shouldn’t he have been sent off? Exactly. Yet another where the game was decided by poor refs rather then the football played. There is just too much money in football to allow this to continue!

  23. I believe that was the first penalty awarded AGAINST Man U this season. If my memory serves me correctly, about 4 years ago, Man U had 12 or 13 penalties awarded TO them at OT. Is there some form of Favouritism in the EPKL. It would be nice to know the number of penalties per season awarded FOR and AGAINST each team. Might make an interesting statistic

  24. As to me, the assistant refere has been doing aginst the united till the end of the game. Truly speaking ,I was expecting he would give some thing to the rival Chelsea and my expectation was correct.Let him enjoy. Anyway united will never loss the trophy.

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