Barcelona 0-0 Man United: United Outplayed But Still Alive


For 90 minutes, it was a game of men against boys as Barcelona completely played Manchester United off the park. Despite this, the blaugrana crucially failed to score which now puts Man United in the driving seat to win the game at Old Trafford to play in the Champions League Final.

Yesterday’s Chelsea against Liverpool match was a dire affair. Not that we expected anything different, but the level of skill displayed during the match was abysmal. Both goals were comedy errors (Dirk Kuyt’s shot was perfect but the mistakes from both sides leading up to that goal were embarrassing).

There was more entertainment in the first 20 minutes of the Barcelona against Manchester United match than the entire 90 minutes of the game at Anfield. Barcelona absolutely tore Man United apart, controlling the tempo of the game, creating tons more chances and keeping Man United on the backfoot for almost the whole game.

Time after time, Man United scrambled the ball away to safety. Rooney practically played as a right back. Tevez spent most of the match tackling. This was all part of Sir Alex Ferguson’s gameplan to contain Barcelona by playing a 4-3-2-1 formation with Ronaldo the sole striker up front. It wasn’t pretty but it was effective.

6 thoughts on “Barcelona 0-0 Man United: United Outplayed But Still Alive”

  1. i dont see how anyone is in the drivers seat. they still have to score to win. if its a draw with goals scored than barcelona are in the driver’s seat. if i was manUre, which im not thank god, i would have attacked and attacked because it would have been more beneficial to score away and play the 11 men behind the ball at home. just my opinion. but then again, im not a scottish cud chewing twat.

  2. I just don’t understand why United defended the whole time…
    weird, didn’t think a penalty miss affected Ronaldo that much, but it shook the rest of the team.

    Bad plan, if that was AF’s plan.

    Which I think it was because he played Scholes for 90 min instead of a better choice Anderson.

    Whatever though, Barca suck at home this season anyway.

    TH14 almost scored against United again.

  3. Same old barcelona of 2007/08…out pass and outplay teams yet no result. I thought from at least the lineup Man united were believing their hype a bit and were going to attack Barcelona (Who i think have lost twice to english opponents both liverpool i believe in european competition…might be wrong) yet 4-4-2 they setup turned out to be a 4-5-1. Half fit deco got better (thought iniesta should have played with henry/bojan on the left wing) with the game but lacked the final pass. Messi was unstoppable at times during the game and its shame he had to come off as scheduled. A form-less Barcelona side absolutely destroyed a in form Man United team yet could not break what was an impressive defensive display in particular Ferdinand and Hargreaves. Poor distribution from the back led to near fruitless counter attacks. Fergie can say his plan worked out cause they got away with a draw…Advantage Man United….

  4. whaddaya all expect?

    to go to Nou Camp with a gun blazing attitude?

    now the advantage is for Man United to win it at OT.

    pure n simple.

  5. UTD were shown up as the second rate pretenders to the crown that they are..
    i think it will take replacing most of UTD’s team and years of practice before they can reach Barca’s level.
    Ronaldo included – it’s clear he’s not at the same level as Messi.
    There is a gulf of class between UTD and Barca and between Ronaldo and Messi.

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