Interview with Setanta Sports: EPL Talk Podcast

setanta-sports.jpegIn episode 102 of the EPL Talk Podcast, EPL Talk interviews Shane O’Rourke from Setanta Sports to discuss:

  • the latest developments from the 24/7 soccer network in North America, Australia, Bermuda and the Caribbean,
  • when Setanta may be available on cable,
  • how Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta will decide who gets to show which FA Cup matches on U.S. TV in the 2008/2009 season,
  • how soon we can expect Setanta to be available on HD TV,
  • whether Setanta has any regrets regarding the ITVN deal it signed almost two years ago, and
  • much more.

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Feel free to share your comments of what you thought about the O’Rourke interview by clicking the comments link below and sharing your feedback. Enjoy the episode.


8 thoughts on “Interview with Setanta Sports: EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. Ah, just what I’ve been waiting for! Haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m looking forward to hearing about Setanta on cable in the very near future (please, please, please….).

  2. We don’t need HD, just give us widescreen. They can letterbox it like the Discovery channel does and then those of us with a HD tv can use the zoom feature to get rid of the bars and not distort it or lose any of the picture.

  3. Great interview; succinct and to the point. O’Rourke was open and honest. I’m excited to hear about the upcoming projects/negotiations/plans/etc

    I’m looking forward to Setanta on Comcast so that I can drop Dish.

    HD would be amazing, but there’s NO WAY I’m shelling out any more money. Great channel, but 15 dollars is the limit. I agree with Jesse about widescreen.

    Look forward to your next interview with him.

  4. Gaffer:

    Just great to hear your voice again and sounding so strong. Always intersting to know the future of the Prem coverage in the US.

    The Prem hasn’t been the same for me with you on the sidelines. Glad your back in action!

  5. This is exactly the news I’d been looking for. Can’t wait for Setanta on Time Warner here in Southern California. Setanta Broadband works in the meantime but the quality is not for the long term. I refuse to get a dish, ie Direct TV. I’m also a former ITVN subscriber. Don’t get me started on that crap!

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