Where Does Your Club Rank in the All-Time Premier League Table?

It’s hardly surprising that Manchester United is the most successful club in Premier League history. What is quite surprising, though, is where a lot of the other clubs are positioned in the all-time Premier League table.

Where does your favorite team rank from the beginning of the Premier League in 1992-93 until now? Click the league table below, which has been painstakingly created by Chris Oakley from the excellent Some People Are On The Pitch blog. Read his accompanying article, too.


To me, it’s fascinating to see how clubs that rank so well in the all-time Premier League table have fallen so far, so quickly. Clubs such as Leicester City, Leeds United, Coventry, Ipswich, Barnsley, Swindon, Oldham and Norwich.

After looking at the above chart, what strikes you as interesting? Click the comments button below and let us know.


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