Where Does Your Club Rank in the All-Time Premier League Table?

It’s hardly surprising that Manchester United is the most successful club in Premier League history. What is quite surprising, though, is where a lot of the other clubs are positioned in the all-time Premier League table.

Where does your favorite team rank from the beginning of the Premier League in 1992-93 until now? Click the league table below, which has been painstakingly created by Chris Oakley from the excellent Some People Are On The Pitch blog. Read his accompanying article, too.


To me, it’s fascinating to see how clubs that rank so well in the all-time Premier League table have fallen so far, so quickly. Clubs such as Leicester City, Leeds United, Coventry, Ipswich, Barnsley, Swindon, Oldham and Norwich.

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13 thoughts on “Where Does Your Club Rank in the All-Time Premier League Table?”

  1. Ipswich have been in the Premier League for five seasons not four as on the table. Norwich have been in for four, not three.

  2. Newcastle have been in the league one less season than the top four. We arrived in 93/94. This guy talks crap about Newcastle, yes we’ve had some bad seasons, but to place us in the same breath as Tottenham, West Ham and Boro is crap. Have any of those teams finished top four?
    93/94 3rd
    95/96 2nd
    96/97 2nd
    01/02 4th
    02/03 3rd

    Thats five seasons in the top four!!

  3. I noticed that.. is the seasons on the side total Premiership seasons? Newcastle has 15 like everybody else at the top.. they came in the second season.

  4. Martin I agree, as a Spurs fan being mentioned in the same breath as Newcastle is a disgrace. You have won bugger all for 60 years where as we have. As for West Ham and Boro – yo-yo clubs, similar to Newcastle before the early 90s came along.

  5. data displayed in this table is not accurate. teams that played full 15 seasons in the top flight played a total of 582 games- not 574 (why 575 for Chelsea?). many other mistakes. and guys, please spurs, boro and newcastle all suck!!! watch South African football for some real action!!!

  6. FredTheRed

    u wont eat your own head i mean wre do u live somwre they dont play soccer mate wres tha world cup being held go onto youtube.com and you can see one of south african young guns score a goal lyk cristiano ronaldo
    from a far distance freekick type in spain vs south africa freekick goal mad as so shame to tell yooh tha truth south african foot ball is entertaining just lyk an epl game

  7. No it isn’t. The standard is dreadful. No doubt Fifa will fix the groups next year to put you in the weakest one so you have a chance of getting through to the last 16.
    When was the last time a South African team won the African Champions League?

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