Setanta Sports Now Available on GEK TV: New IPTV Network

setanta-sports.jpegSetanta Sports is now available via another source other than DirecTV and DISH Network. It’s a little known company named GEK TV, who is offering the Setanta channel via their set top box (similar to the IPTV technology used by the now defunct ITVN).

GEK TV caters to the Asian market in the United States by offering a string of different Chinese networks. Setanta Sports is available via an a la carte offering at $14.95 per month, but GEK TV requires the purchase of the IPTV receiver. There’s also a monthly service fee of $5.95

From a marketing perspective, I don’t see the wisdom behind this move. I would doubt that Asians in the United States would be interested in paying $14.95 per month to watch English soccer, but I could be wrong.


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