Derby County Cancels U.S. Summer Tour Plans

derby-county-badge.jpgThe number of Premier League teams heading to the United States this summer on preseason tours isn’t too impressive thus far. First, Aston Villa announced they may have to skip their American tour if they qualify for the Intertoto Cup. Now Derby County has said that it has canceled its plans to head stateside and will be touring the Netherlands instead.

This leaves West Ham United as the only confirmed Premier League side definitely heading to North America. Liverpool, it has been reported but not confirmed, are also planning on visiting.

So far, Chelsea and Spurs have announced their playing friendlies in Asia this summer and will not be coming to the United States.

Thanks to The Scout for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Derby County Cancels U.S. Summer Tour Plans”

  1. I doubt he will but he as you know claims to like West Ham. I wonder if he is a Cubs fan or like Hillary chooses teams out of political convenience. Obama seems to smart and less calculating so I doubt he has that stench of Yankee loving Hillary.

    (Her husband was seen at all the Arkansas NCAA tourney games when they were winning with secret service in two between 1993 and 1996, but after was nowhere near Arkansas Basketball)

    I guess this year the all star game is not in Denver. Last year it was great watching the Celtic players gasping for air after 30 minutes at that altitude on a 80 X 120 pitch. The same thing happened to Everton at RSL in July. MLS teams may not be the greatest but when they play British teams at altitude they are very very difficult to beat.

  2. Why am I not surprised at this, I hope with the American owners that at some point they will come over for a tour. Oh well sums up the season Derby have had.

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