Remembering the Hillsborough Tragedy: Match of the Day Videos

Nineteen years ago on this very date, 25,000 Liverpool fans traveled to Sheffield for the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest. In one of the darkest days in football, 96 Liverpool fans died at Hillsborough.

Please feel free to pay tribute to those lost souls in a minute’s silence at 3:06pm GMT/10:06am ET.

To learn more about that fateful day and how you can help the cause, listen to EPL Talk’s interview with a representative from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign — which was recorded November, 2007.

You can also watch the following videos from Match of The Day, which were aired on the day that the tragedy occurred, April 15, 1989. Note that the quality of the videos is poor, but it’s one of the few videos that features footage of what happened.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately the BBC have removed the videos from YouTube. There is a video, though, which shows the events from the day (without audio) which can be viewed here.

2 thoughts on “Remembering the Hillsborough Tragedy: Match of the Day Videos”

  1. tragic. something that should have never happened. its the day english football changed forever.

    but why do other leagues still have the same gate barrings? (italy)

  2. i was there on the day of the hillsborough disaster. it is times like these that bring a club togeter and seperate those clubs that call themselfs families from those who are we will always remember those 96 brothers and sisters may we remember them as individuals we wish were still here and not just a number we wish hadnt occured.
    on the 15th of april i doesnt matter what team you support it is about respect and please take time just one minute for that minutes silence.
    i will not be rembering anyone in particular this wednesday but te fans who made the club so brilliant and strong.
    if anyone who knew a victim is reading this i am thinking of everyone of you.
    we will always remeber and treasure the time we had with you.

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