MLS Power Rankings Week 3


Injuries to DeRo’s mates have Houston near the bottom of the rankings for the time being/ photos 

1- Chicago

A struggle versus San Jose but three points on the road makes it tough to argue.

2- Colorado

Who are these guys? Seriously, my TASS co-host Dave Denholm had it right. When Conor Casey, Jovan Kirovski, etc come back from injury they are sitting.

3- New England

A very inconsistent start for a team that we know will be fine when Steve Ralston returns.

4- Kansas City

This team has cooled after a hot start and now hits the road.

5- Chivas USA

Sacha Kljestan as a forward? It seemed to work but one thing not working is Brad Guzan and the Chivas defense

6- Real Salt Lake

A cultured midfield that will be oh so pretty when they live the football lines of Rice Eccles behind. Can you imagine, the RSL bench is stronger than the LA Galaxy first team save Beckham and Donovan?

7- Columbus

Now we know why Ned Grabavoy was left unprotected in the expansion draft. Eddie Gaven has to be back in the US player pool thanks to his recent form.

8- FC Dallas

Stylistically FC Dallas has been the best team in the league this year by a wide margin. Results and grit wise puts them 8th in a 14 team league.

9- DC United

The red and black have essentially taken three league games off and played hard in four international games. Professionals shouldn’t take days off even though it was for a higher cause.

10- Houston

Injuries have plagued this team but the point at Kansas City could be very important down the road. This team will recover but can they win MLS Cup again? It’s too early to tell.

11- Red Bull NY

I simply do not like the makeup of this team. I guess the results may win me over but I personally think despite Osorio’s gifted tactical acumen, this team isn’t going to make the playoffs.
12- Toronto FC

Somehow many are underestimating the quality Amado Guevara brings to the table. Ask the Red Bull fans if they would rather have him or Claudio Reyna?

13- San Jose

If Shea Salinas could only hit the target.

14- Los Angeles

Greg Vanney was brought in exactly for what reason? David Beckham deserves better. Can you blame him if he bails and heads to destination undesirable like Newcastle or Sunderland?

9 thoughts on “MLS Power Rankings Week 3”

  1. Kartik, you normally do such good work, but I do not understand. How can DC United be the only MLS team ranked in your CONCACAF poll yet be ranked behind 8 MLS teams in this poll?

    That makes zero sense.

  2. Kartik said, and I agree, that they’ve been taking the league games off. That is their bad, but if they played in the league the way they played against Pachuca they would have nothing but wins.

    MLS teams just don’t have the money to stock a roster with enough talent and ability to compete in high level international AND domestic play. The same has happened to Houston… the returnig two time champs. And it happened last year as well to both teams.

    Laying it all on the line takes a lot out of a starting-11. MLS teams don’t have the personel to overcome this yet.

  3. At the very least, MLS could adjust the league schedule to help their teams in international competitions.

    Instead, Garber blames DC for not advancing.

  4. Kartik, mate I’m a frustrated Galaxy fan. Our team is very poor except for Beckham, Donovan and Ruiz. Some of the players are USL-2 quality. Alexi Lalas has to take some of the blame for this, He spent all our money on just 4 players. In fact, for me, I think I’m already looking to next season, Since this season is a done deal. We aren’t making the playoffs. What do you think the Galaxy have to do next season in order to start competing again..?

  5. Hey Tim,

    I wouldn’t throw away Brad Guzan just yet. He was left for dead by an inexperienced right back that had a howler v. Columbus.

  6. DD and KK both clearly want another goalkeeper to start, so Tim I wouldn’t take it too hard.

    The Galaxy may not end up at the bottom of the league but with all the improvement in the west particularly among the two rocky mountain teams I just cannot see the Galaxy making the playoffs. Although an odd scenario includes and aging injured Houston team collapsing. While I don’t think that will happen, it may. DeRo may also end up in Toronto eventually.

    Still the Galaxy will have to overcome too many superior teams to make the playoffs.

  7. I think everyone is falling too quickly in love with Chicago. Blanco is outstanding but I am not sure about their forwards and both Mapp and Rolfe are still subpar.

    The Galaxy are garbage. I agree Kartik. Right now they are the worst in the league.

  8. Soccer Guru,

    I couldn’t have said it any better about Chicago.

    I think we have to realize when Chicago start out as slowly as they have on the road against better opposition, they are going to be routed.
    Also, we really can’t take anything out of their win at home with New England. They did what any team is suppose to do when playing against ten men.

    Well said!

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