08/09 Man United Third Shirt


Could the above photograph be Man United’s third shirt for the 08/09 season? It’s hard to tell, but it’s entirely possible (source: Football Shirts).

It’s quite possible that this may be a fake, but at this stage of the season it’s too early to tell until Nike releases images of the official shirt. From all accounts, Man United will have a third shirt next season and it’s supposed to be blue. Their new away shirt will be white.

If the blue shirt above is the real one, what are your thoughts about it? Click the comments link below.

40 thoughts on “08/09 Man United Third Shirt”

  1. its not the keeper shirt, but it is a shirt that has been spotted many months ago…making me believe its a fake. ive not seen it used as a training top, i just think its a fake. unless it leaked less than 6 months after this years came out.

  2. Its just like our current home and away shirts, this one (obviously!) is blue.

    I’m leaning towards this being a fake. The blue kit next year is to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of United’s first European Cup title, I would think such a kit would probably look something like what United wore back then.

    We will find out soon enough, I suppose…

  3. I’ve seen those being sold online, they’re usually pitched as training tops. I really hope that they stick with Red and Black next year, and go with white as the third kit. I really like the look of the all-black kits!

  4. whatever it is whoever owns its obviously knows something we dont cos it has the champions gold badges on the sleeves

  5. its not the champions leage gold patch on the sleeves its the premier league patch
    you ppl need ur eyes checked. who cares wat it looks like
    as long as we’re still winning thats all that matters

  6. no one likes it like the first one said we are not chelsea and i HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!! and i always buy the kits but i think this is going to be the first one i’m not going to buy i think we should stick to black, white and red. There is only 1 team i hate more than chelsea is liverpool because thoose 2 teams are becoming so comen

  7. That is most definitely a shortsleeve version of this year’s keeper’s kit. Trust me, I have the longsleeve version and it looks identical…

  8. Ok,
    Once.. some player got Transfered to Man City..
    He wears RED shoes and he’s getting boo’d , don’t you think United will get boo’d if they are going to play their matches in BLUE?
    I think this is a fake t-shirt …

  9. you can quite clearly see that it is this seasons goal keeper shirt of you dont believe me check it on the man utd officail website in the megastore

  10. The people who are saying they hate it because it’s blue and thats the colour of Chelsea and Man City …………. Aren’t you forgetting that, after white and black, blue is the next most common colour that Manchester United have worn as an away kit – 2005, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1996, 1994 etc … . Those kits never got booed or never bought. You should support and love the badge on those shirts not the colour of the strip. Blue has always been a third kit and hardly worn anyway, but at the moment were top of the table and in the final of the champions league going for the double……… who gives a shit about next years shirt!

  11. This shirt was meant to be utds third kit but they never wore it, it was in the megastore catalogue at the start of the season, I dont mind having a blue shirt seing that we won the european cup in 68 wearing the blue shirt.

  12. this is the goalkeeper kit with short sleeves nothing more plus the 3rd kit this year will be white as our colours are red white and black

  13. You’re all fucking planks. United were wearing all blue when they won the European Cup in 1968, and have regularly worn it as an away colour ever since.

    It really does resemble the goalkeeper kit from this season with short sleeves, though. If it is the new third kit, I’ll probably end up buying it for completism rather than anything else, but I’d really rather keep this season’s away shirt. We look better in black, and it brings back fond memories of Eric le Roi kicking that Palace fan in the mush.

  14. how can it be fake if its been made its only a kit does it matter wot it looks like we still gonna the the league again

  15. well united were using the 06-07 away kit as a third kit this season so they would probably get a new third kit… but i definetly dont want blue as a third kit!!!

  16. look it looks like a keeper kit coz of the white line on the shoulders but i dont like the black kit donno why.love the whit and i wouldnt mind this kit its a historical man united shirt….even though i hate chelsea..but i donno i now that the new away kit is white and the 3rd …we have to wait

  17. yea i think its time to change up the color. not blue…
    I was thinking gold i think that would look awesome

  18. what a bunch of berks some of you are! United’s traditional 3 colours have always been Red (home), White (away0 and Blue (3rd)! just look up the kits from the 80’s, every season we had Red, White and Blue.

    The likelyhood is that this season 3rd kit will be blue to commemorate the first European trophy. I’m just starting to get a bit pee’d off with being told a kit will be for 2 seaons and then new ones coming out the next year!

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