Liverpool's Hicks and Gillett: Incompetence Personified


The soap opera at Anfield continues to evolve. In Sunday’s News of the World newspaper, journalist Chris Bascombe exclusively revealed that Tom Hicks has allegedly been seeking the advice of Jurgen Klinsmann in recent weeks. Not just any advice, but feedback on what the German thinks of Rafa Benitez’s summer transfer targets!

Of course, a conflict of interest arises because Klinsmann will be the Bayern Munich manager after the end of this season. If he wanted to, the German could easily pursue Benitez’s transfer targets himself and inflate the cost, or steal the players away from Rafa.

Rafa is quite bemused by the latest developments (watch the interview and skip to minute 1:10). Understandably, Benitez will be speaking with the members of the Liverpool board to get to the bottom of the story.

While Liverpool could be on the pinnacle of qualifying for another Champions League Final, the politics happening off the field are undermining Rafa Benitez’s authority at the club as well as dragging the club’s name through the mud. Liverpool CEO Rick Parry is stuck in the middle of the mess. Hicks wants him out. Gillett gives him his support.

The story is far from over. Both Hicks and Gillett are guilty of massive incompetence in their short tenure as owners of Liverpool FC. Sure, Parry has made mistakes in the past off the field, but he seems to have the club in his best interests. However, the latest revelation that Parry was present during the initial Klinsmann discussions late last year come as a severe blow to whatever trust is left between Parry and Benitez. Was Parry simply following orders from Hicks and Gillett or was he a key player in the discussions?

It’s almost possible to predict what will happen next at Liverpool Football Club. Whatever does happen, you can be sure it’ll be done in public rather than behind the closed doors of Liverpool where it should reside. Hicks and Gillett, you should both be ashamed of yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Liverpool's Hicks and Gillett: Incompetence Personified”

  1. These Yanks need to be driven from the game as do all the other greedy money hungry Yank owners. It is impossible for any Yank who has not lived a substantial portion of one’s existence in Europe to understand Football.

    This isn’t the lowlife American football league that tore up Wembley and sent England out of the Euros or Ice Hockey. This is a real competition with real supporters and passion no one in the United States understands except certain impeached ex-presidents in the bedroom.

    Americans should stick to something they know well like war and leave the football behind.

  2. As a resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area I can say that Hicks’ incompetence is no surprise. Hicks tries to run his teams like his businesses with no concerns for sport. He simply should not own sports franchises.

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