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New 08/09 Man United Away Shirt Revealed

new man united away shirt New 08/09 Man United Away Shirt Revealed

A photograph of Manchester United’s 08/09 away shirt has been revealed on the Internet. Thanks to the great site Football Shirts for pointing us to it.

Designed by Nike, the white shirt uses a new Nike template. Interestingly, the trim lines are blue which isn’t a color you’d usually associate with Man United.

Let us know what you think of the new shirt by clicking the comments button below.

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80 Responses to New 08/09 Man United Away Shirt Revealed

  1. United fan says:


  2. D says:

    why?? I like our black ones better *sigh*

  3. C.Ronaldo says:


  4. manutdfc13 says:

    I dont like that, wasnt our third stip blue last season?
    But i do prefer the black one

  5. ciggie says:

    I prefer a black version. We have used blue a couple of seasons back.

  6. JAY says:

    Black looks hot… i have one… white has been done to death… hope they stick to the black one… doubt that… they want to make money

  7. yayo says:

    mr fergi keep the black one

  8. bill says:

    black is the best one out of the last 5-6 that we have had

  9. jeff says:

    what does blue have to do with united keep black

  10. now says:

    black 4 now!!!!

  11. Upendra says:

    well..we never hav used ur away outfits 2 gud affect dez days…. so well be using da black 1′s for da nxt season im pretty sure

  12. Manulover says:

    hmmm……..not reli us is it??!!! i deffo prefer our black…..but wat the hell….its united!! so United all the way!!…….i’ll buy it!!

  13. question says:

    Do all sides switch their jerseys every year?

  14. Ryan says:

    I like it actually

  15. mele419 says:


  16. Seth says:

    Black is much better than white. Black is more like the best color 4 man u which is red

  17. Llewellyn says:

    Red + White + Blue= Manchester United States of America….
    Not a United fan… but the black shirts are alot better than this!

  18. JustMe says:

    what’s that ??? sleeping clothes ? (N) bad bad bad … i love the black shirts , or the Blues are good too but not this ones :S

  19. Ishwinder says:

    black shirts will remain our away kit.. this wud be third choice shirt.

  20. Snook says:

    As long as the shorts and socks are to be white to then this kit will look the bollox on our stars…….roll on more good times!!!!!!!

  21. shane says:

    I like it for anything other that Man U

  22. dean walters says:

    no that cant be it because the daily star newspaper has a blue manutd shirt

  23. Marc says:

    I saw a nice solid-white version of the black shirt on ebay. You should all check it out.

  24. giggs says:

    looks like this is the new kit after all seen it everywhere

  25. haribo says:

    i think that is a lie sure there 2 kits they got this year are 07/09 tops!!

  26. Paul Bestall says:

    United have over the last 20 years dallied with blue away kits on and off. The classic one was the wonderful Adidas away kit of 1990 as this picture shows:

  27. 92 says:

    I think the black away kit is good

  28. aaron says:

    Ok, we ARE KEEPING THE BLACK JERSEY! God im sick of people saying this. The other white jersey, which we have now, will be replaced by this. The black will become the alternative jersey (3rd), and this presuming its the one will become 2nd jersey (away).

  29. scouse says:

    I think its great…. WHITE FOR SHITE !!!

  30. dave says:

    Fs, nike are letting us down.. I should design it (H) :D

  31. Keaney says:

    ‘blue which isn’t a color you’d usually associate with Man United’

    Have you just started following United or something!!!!

    It’s been 3rd choice for years.

  32. steve-o says:

    interesting if this is it, blue not normally associated? we just replace our blue kit! we still keep black kit this replaces white with old shield

  33. danny says:

    wtf i think it looks well nice yea the black 1 is nice but the white 1 looks the dogs

  34. SANGA says:



  35. David Herman says:

    Another inelegant design by the boys in Beaverton. The blue line is to allude the third kit – which is, you guessed it – blue (again). Can’t wait for the comments on ‘that’ one! Wait until you see the inspired (as they are nearly every season) for Arsenal.

  36. Bishopville Red says:

    Mike857 – seems a logical design. Looks good too. Some comments are claiming it a fake. Time will tell.


  37. C.Tevez says:

    looks shit. Its nothing compared to black one!!

  38. please dont make this kits as the officila mu kits

    it looks alike a gay kits!

  39. alex says:

    i agree wid aaron cos thats wat always happens

  40. avfcd98 says:

    dont worry none of you are from manchester so won’t go to the games and won’t have to see the kit. why don’t you try supporting your local team, maybe you will even like the kit there

  41. alex says:

    avfcd98 i know u support man utd but u dnt have 2 say none of us go to the games because my dad works there and we get in for free and we meet the players and we also do live in manchester

  42. crick says:

    fake u can tell fake

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. jack says:

    just to let you know… united is a huge colour in man uniteds history… the old united team (newton heath) used t owear blue… hence the several blue kits weve had in the past.

    but, tht is fake and united wont be changing there kit this season. only there third kit which they used in the champions league (the white one)

  45. alex says:

    man utd must be getting 2 new kits because on the website it says the red kit is 2007.2009 and the black 2007.2008 and you cannot buy the white kit now on

  46. alex says:

    united must be getting 2new kits this year because on its says that the home kit runs till 2007 2009 and the awaykit 2007 2008 and you can no longer purchas the white kit so they must be getting a new away kit and also a new third kit i know people will say oh hes lying check and the go on shopping then megastore then kits

  47. Tini from Brunei says:

    I am a Die Hard Man U fan but the new away jersey is just so unimpressive. Its the kind of jersey i wear to go gardening!…VERY DISAPPOINTED!…not creative enough for a rich club like them. Bah!

  48. 2OLEgend says:

    this won’t be it.
    a) this looks like a cheap knockoff
    b) the usually cycle through blue, white and black. It’s time to have blue again.

  49. brett taylor says:

    im not to keen on it i prefer the black one i wore it in the semi-final of the ucl when we at OT and we won and i wore it in the ucl final and we won

  50. Man united fan says:

    dats not gunna be da away shirt its gunna be white with a red stripe down da middle.

  51. jason says:

    it is fab but i dont know about the blue lines

  52. t says:

    Too bad you’ll never see ronaldo in it. :)

  53. Pete says:

    that can’t be it surely. looks like a cheap training jersey. hope they keep the black one, best jersey i’ve bought in a long while (excluding marseille 3rd )

    and hewton heath played in yellow and green like they had in hte early 90s. i think teams should keep jersey’s for 4 years, intead of all this commercial money-spinning rubbish. but i suppose as long as there are idiots willing to pay for everything they put out, why would they?

  54. Áki says:

    I don’t like it? I’ve always thought that it should be a blue one this year, and then our black away shirt should our third shirt, but there is no style over this one.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Here’s another website’s view on the next man utd shirt. I think it’s better than this one, it’s more silver in colour…

  56. Joe & Bill says:

    Black is better
    White may have to do
    We want black !!!!!

  57. Foley says:

    Hasn’t anybody else noticed the colours of this shirt have more meaning, red, white and blue – the same colours of the USA national flag. The launch of this shirt just so happens to coincide with the launch of the official USA megastore on the Man Utd website. I don’t believe this is all a mere coincidence, this shirt has been designed for the American market.

  58. todd says:

    its also the same colors as the british flag. and the french flag. and certainly many others. its no conspiracy. we had a red white and blue away shirt 3 years ago

  59. man untd will be the next leeds. hahahaha

  60. i hate this kit

    please ronaldo dont wear it
    and dont go to real madrid because ofthis shirt

    its an unacceptable reason to go to real madrid…

  61. stefan says:

    They chose white becase Ronaldo wants to be ina white shirt next season so this is the option they chose…. haha joking. I really liked the black united shirt and I’m extremely disappointed in why they come out with the cheaply made white kit. It looks really rushed and not well thought out. But a lot of teams where white and red e.g. aresenal and sunderland so the black kits still going to be there although we cannot buy it anymore =[

  62. Josh says:

    This is defo the new away kit becuase ManUtd.cim unvieled it on on 18th June and it will be released on 18th July, but it available on a pre-order off the united megastore

  63. ggjnjhyjy says:

    thats the new away shirt its even on the man u websitew

  64. adam says:

    its cool

  65. barry says:

    dont keep going on about the black one cos black is scum white is the best coulour for us too use

  66. john says:

    to all those people who say blue has nothing to do with united watch the 1968 european cup final

  67. john says:

    there will be a new blue away/european third kit too as a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first european cup win

  68. here is a lovely artist work of art by me matthew toner at my house we went to make it bad litt

  69. u678798 says:

    thats fare nice cant wait to get my hands on one of those.

  70. Vijay says:

    i believe that the shirt is already reflecting the country the owners come from ie the USA..RED WHITE & BLUE on the first away jersey and furhter more if you were to look at the 3 kits we go again RED WHITE & BLUE. I believe the white is ok nothing fancy very simple..but i do like the Blue one..its a classic looking jersey simple but effective. LOVE the red..its a simple stunner…champions of england and europe.

  71. ellie says:

    yh i like it

  72. jibran says:

    looks awful- i think it is awful black was neat

  73. Red Devil says:

    it´s not awful, everyone didn´t like the black they prefer it..i hate the black one and prefer this…people´s minds change by the time…´s def not a fake –> official shop…

  74. Jez says:

    Why the hate?

    Our away kits are traditionally white and we have a history of blue going back to wearing it in our 1968 european cup win.

    Black only started in 93/94. As such, we’ve only ever had 4 black shirts compared to dozens of white and blue ones.

  75. Andrew says:

    You got to love the jerseys. Plain, simple, clean jersey’s that make the team look better on the pitch. These are extremely nice, and I hope they keep them, especially with the “New” jersey for 2010, which looks like a pirate shirt.

  76. man u says:

    is great!

  77. Naruto says:

    I dont like that, wasnt our third stip blue last season?

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