When Does Arsene Become Accountable?


The Kids, they’re alright. But alright does not win you a title.

Yes, Arsenal got hosed. Theo Walcott’s coming out party was spoiled by a pathetic penalty decision, a putrid product of the Kop End.

Stevie G got to grin and smile like he had won the match, though he did everything in his power to lose it by squandering so many possessions.

But, a win would only gloss over glaring problems. Problems for which Wenger has not had to account.

Why was the squad not strengthened in January? Arsenal is the fifth wealthiest club in the world, why are they turning a profit in the transfer window? What future glories are so great that one can pass up a shot at the title or the Champions League? Why have they gone two months without playing decent football?

Wenger scoffs at the outrageous sums spent for Torres and Babel, yet these are the two players who killed his team’s hopes today.

He seems to have the answers for all of football’s ills, yet sits incredulous when his team – starting a central midfielder and a right back on the wings – struggles to attack the goal.

Wenger may still have a magic hat. But, when the rabbit repeatedly comes out dead, it begins to lose its effect.


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