Sunday Morning MLS Review


The Fire Exploded for Four First Half Goals Thursday Night /

Chicago’s performance again New England while providing an impressive score line owed itself more to the circumstances both weather wise and red card related than anything else.

Jeff Larentowicz’s red card was totally unjustified. However the referee, Baldomero Toledo did a good job of controlling the match from that point forward.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco continues to impress as he’s made a transition from the Mexican League to MLS better than anyone else in MLS history.

I thought Chris Rolfe did not look like he was back to full speed. Chicago needs him playing at the peak of his ability to chase a championship.

New England showed some fight in the second half which bodes well for them going forward without Taylor Twellman and Steve Ralston.

Landon Donovan and David Beckham looked like world class players, which they are. But watching the San Jose-LA Galaxy game made me wonder how anyone can really believe the standard of play in MLS is comparable to the Mexican League or as I have heard some commentators mention, the Dutch or French leagues. The number of bad giveaways and poor decisions in midfield were striking and spoke loudly about the lack of quality depth in MLS for those watching. Fans who are comfortable watching other leagues must have cringed at the quality of the touches in the showcase Thursday night match on ESPN2.

The other matches this weekend were honestly better than LA-SJ in terms of quality but again the international press and MLS critics in the US tend to focus on games involving the Galaxy, and the lack of quality in that match was painfully obvious, and in the minds of those critics an indictment of the league.

Colorado came out very aggressively for a road match. The linkup play between Christian Gomez and the other Colorado attackers while not quite there yet appeared to have improved in just one week.

It’s a shame the Kansas City-Colorado game wasn’t a nationally televised game. Community America Ballpark looked better this week: maybe it was the camera work for Metro Sports, or perhaps it was just a case of a stadium growing on me.

Carlos Marinelli has found his niche in MLS. I’m tired of hearing from Boro fans about what a train wreck he was at the Riverside. Argentine players don’t always fit in well at second tier English clubs and Marinelli, supremely talented and skilled has found his form with the Wizards.

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