New 08/09 Sunderland Away Shirt Revealed


Sunderland is changing the color and design of its 2008/2009 shirt from the current white to a blue and black color with stripes (pictured).

Umbro will continue to be Sunderland’s shirt manufacturer. The new design features a unique shoulder and arm design with streaks.

The decision to feature vertical stripes on the chest, however, may upset some Sunderland fans. The shirt looks more like a Newcastle United concept than a Mackem shirt especially with the dark blue that looks almost black in this picture.

11 thoughts on “New 08/09 Sunderland Away Shirt Revealed”

  1. Fake…if you look closely enough, you can see the graphical imperfections around where the logos were airbrushed on.

  2. that who more like jpg image compression, than graphical imperfections, this is becoz of the lossy compression methods especially when used at low bitrates introduce compression artifacts.

  3. The picture just doesn’t look right, we aren’t publishing this one as we just aren’t convinced it is real. I agree with Django especially around the club badge. I’m waiting for someone to figure out whose kit it was originally.

  4. This shirt doesn’t have the picture of the black cat where the label is, on the inside of the shirt.
    Don’t believe it’s authentic.

  5. sorry guys this is a fake, i work at the club and have had a peek at the new one, its black and grey hoops, sorry if it ruins the story.

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