Champions League Odds and Sods 2 April 2008

Liverpool and Arsenal had an Oscar and Felix feel.  Both clubs are each other’s bogey teams.  Arsenal’s Frenchified fancy dans cannot break down disciplined defenses and remain prone to adept counterattack.  Lump and pray Liverpool struggle when forced to play chess on the ground rather than checkers in the air.  The clash can create soccer nirvana or reaming vulgarity.  This 1-1 draw had a bit of both.

If a side should feel aggrieved, it is Arsenal.  They dictated the second half, only to shoot blanks.  The Carragher rules apply to Dirk Kuyt, who pulled Hleb down in the penalty area without reprimand.  Kuyt also picked this one match to maraud around the pitch like a crazed baboon, rather than remain oblivious.  The match could hinge on the Pool’s away goal.

Apparently, Avram Grant rowing down the straits on his sinister raft of skulls failed to shock the obstinate Turks, as Fenerbahce beat Chelsea 2-1.  The Dark Lord has vowed “not to rest” until the rematch next Tuesday, because he looked like he was sleeping well before.  The match is more tabloid fodder than demonstrative, however.  Expect Chelsea to close them out 1-0 next week at Stamford Bridge.

Roma tumbled without their talisman Francesco Totti, beaten 2-0 by Manchester United.  The two teams play a similar style, but United is the seven diamond version.  Isn’t Rooney overdue for his bi-monthly metatarsal injury

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