Why doesn’t Steven Gerrard just leave Liverpool?

Why doesn’t Steven Gerrard just leave Liverpool?

After watching yet another abysmal exhibition from Liverpool I continue to ask exactly why Steven Gerrard continues to plunder his reputation with his current crop of woeful colleagues. Liverpool looked anything but potential champions during a drab and error riddled Merseyside derby on Sunday. Yet throughout the first half Steven Gerrard continually delivered leadership, inspirational midfield mobility and a range of passing to rival anything around at the moment. The Merseyside debacle yet again failed to mirror any semblance of genuine ability or entertainment and I just wonder how long the wonder kid is prepared to tolerate mediocrity in exchange to meddle with the big boys on occasion.

Gerrard has a rare talent for a domestic player in that his diversity of skills places him in an echelon unique for an English midfield player. Gerrards unerring ability to pick a penetrating pass is far superior to any other local wizards such as Carrick or Barry. Gerrards breathless running and desire to truly embrace the responsibility of the box to box centre middie is unrivalled, perhaps Hargreaves or maybe Essien might be mentioned, neither of which are first choice starters in their respective teams. Gerrard has that ability to score regular goals, and not just fortunate gimmies that will occur throughout the course of a season. No, Gerrard scores plenty and he scores with diversity, headed goals, set piece free kicks, goal-of-season every other week and a hand in all of the goals that Torres scores as well. Only Lampard comes close to Gerrards goal scoring repertoire from midfield and I know exactly which one of those two I’d have on the field first. And Gerrards leadership and rousing persona makes John Terry look like a nursing home. The number of victories plucked from the grasp of impossibility by a one man show of brilliance has a catalogue of FA Cup, Premiership and European rhetoric.

And yet still Gerrard remains a sole provider to a team that has chopped and changed and invested millions and still appears to be no better that it was. New managers with bold new innovations have innovated their way out of a job as a league cup and Premiership obscurity were never quite enough. New foreign players have been given the earth and never really delivered on such a promise; the list of Liverpool’s purchasing blunders is endless and at times criminal. New owners with corporate assurances have regressed an inspiring club to the very doldrums of despair, and it don’t look much like changing soon either. And even today the Liverpool team sheet appears nowhere near adequate enough to truly be proud of. Gerrard must surely soon get bored with these bumbling idiots that hamper his advancement and jump to the riches and glory that such a talent deserves.

Liverpool have spent the majority of the season battling for fourth spot in the Premiership with local rivals Everton and only with a handful of games remaining does it look like this encounter has been resolved. The last two Premiership campaigns have brought more success to Liverpool than an Arsenal team in transition could achieve and yet now Liverpool’s season will see them finish lower in the Premiership than last year and further away from the winning points total than ever before. The delusional Liverpool fans were boasting a renaissance of triumphant proportions after a big win against Derby back in September. These delusions look somewhat pathetic when you now consider that Derby will be recognized as the worst side in Premiership history and most teams destroyed them handsomely at home. Out of interest, the return fixture at Pride Park was a rather pitiful two one away win followed by a run of four drawn games to inferior opposition. Not exactly the performance of champions. And finishing one place higher than Everton will not guarantee you anything at all.

Liverpool just don’t have any inspiring players and the lack of genuine progression must be of massive frustration for Gerrard. The piggy bank was well and truly smashed in order to procure the services of Torres and he is quite the player. But to look around the Liverpool team for the other world class superstars that are going to help Gerrard overhaul the ‘Big Three’ and reach expectation, well I just don’t see them. John Arne Riise and Dirk Kuyt are absolutely awful, Sami Hyypia was very good, the keeper is far from top class and the remaining squad players are very average when compared up against the Arsenal team and the Man Utd bench. And Jamie Carragher is not a world class defender in the same way that beating Derby does not make you championship material.

So will Gerrard finally come to his senses and give up the directionless Liverpool journey of squad rotation, boardroom scandal, managerial ineptitude and on-field mediocrity in exchange for a winning formula abroad. Gerrard will be twenty eight years old by the start of next season and he’s in the form of his life. Yet he’s going to finish fourth in this Premiership campaign and he also has no international football of any worth this summer. Not quite the environment that a genuine world class player deserves. Can you imagine the commentary of Gerrard influencing a European cup final victory with the likes of Barcelona?

“Xavi Hernandez, to Iniesta, to Gerrard, to Messi…Goal!”

“Carragher, to Riise, to Gerrard, to Kuyt…Goal…kick…Goal kick!”

From The Writings Of Jonny Carter


37 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Steven Gerrard just leave Liverpool?”

  1. Laughable.

    The lad has won every honour in the domestic and European game bar the Premiership at Liverpool and he’s only 27.

    Enough said.

  2. you moron, its people like you, who know nothink, give football a bad name. no class whoever gave you a job..if i was you i would stick to writing kids comics…

  3. He wanted to leave, remember the transfer request!! He only stayed because his family forced him to, and he admitted that!! Chelsea Rentboy, the herat and sole of Liverpool, my arse!!

  4. If you first learn how to build sentences and not to use words that you don’t understand, then maybe your opinions will be given some credence.

  5. Jesus Christ that article was an abortion. Usually I disagree with the criticism the writers of this site receive, but in this case, well founded. Misspelling of players’ names and the grammatical errors are the least of your problems, but those are still present. How would Gerrard leaving Liverpool help change the environment of not playing international footie this summer? Nobody proclaimed a huge renaissance after the Derby win–everyone, even the most delusional of Liverpool fans, acknowledged that as an embarrassment regardless of the 3 points. Gerrard leaving Liverpool for a place like Barca, Real Madrid, or one of the top 3 domestically would, in my opinion, taint his reputation. The reason he’s so inspirational, in my opinion, is BECAUSE it’s Liverpool. Haven’t read any of your other stuff Jonny, don’t plan to after this steaming pile you’ve left on the front porch of EPL Talk. Shame on the Gaffer for letting you in.

  6. *YAWN*

    Jonny, you classic seppo woppa, Ste Gerrard has won everything bar the Premiership.

    So that last part where you were going on about “Carra, to Risse*, to Gerrard…”, it’s happened. May 25th 2005, Istanbul. Gerrard inspired. 5 Times.

    The Merseyside Derby is a special game. You wouldn’t know. Have a clue even. In fact what you’ve written isn’t even a good guess. Local pride and passion means they’re always a solid battle and they’re rarely the best games to watch. So Stevie was made up to get one over the Toffees. That’s one of the reasons he’ll never leave Liverpool.

    Ste Gerrard = Scouser/Best Midfielder in the World
    Me = Scouser
    You = Septic Tank/Egghead

  7. mr carter
    your first names sums you up and about as useful
    gerrard is at the most succesful club in England with the best supporters in England
    a definate manc are you !!

  8. maybe because he’s loyal. maybe because he’s happy with his winners medals. maybe because he’s happy working with bumbling idiots like Torres and Benitez. maybe a better question is why you bothered to write the article.

  9. Sorry Jonny Carter (whoever you might be) but you have embarrassed yourself with this piece of blinkered purple prose that says little and means less.

    For supporters of other top teams, trying to fathom what keeps the likes of Stevie G and Jamie C at Liverpool is simpoy beyond them. They don’t know what it means to have someone in the team who is playing for the pride and passion of being part of the team he supports.

    Has he been rewarded for his loyalty? Well, he has won the League Cup and the F A Cup more than once, he has won the UEFA Cup, the Champions League (and been runner up) and even the European Super Cup. Not much else to go for except…

    We all know he wants the Premiership but what you don’t get is that winning it with any other team simply wouldn’t mean anything to Stevie. Winning it only matters if it is with his beloeved Liverpool. I know you can’t get your head round that but if you tried looking at the real world instead of recycling the garbage we see in the hack press week in week out you might gain some respect.

    A salutory warning: one Michael Owen was the last Liverpool lad to leave for a ‘bigger’ club believing it would win him the big trophies. What happened? He went to a club where it didn’t mean anything to him and left behind a team that went on to win the biggest trophy in Europe, The Champions League.

    Stevie G is Liverpool through and through and loyalty like his (his family ‘forced him to stay’, you really do read the S*n don’t you!) doesn’t show itself at many clubs. At Liverpool we have two.

    Pride in your team is not just something you have when you win, it is something that burns in your soul. Jonny Carter wouldn’t know that kind of passion if it bit him on the backside!

  10. reiner, carragher, agger, mascherano, alonso, gerrard, torres.

    that is a spine of a team as fine as any in the world.

    (babel, arbeloa and skrtyl worth a mention too)

    if you really consider them to be ‘bumbling idiots’ then you are just showing your lack of knowledge.

  11. What a geek … Were did u get the time to write so much shit (most sucessfull club in england) y would he want to leave

  12. Jonny – If you are going to even hint at a Liverpool criticism on this blog, get low.

    1. I don’t see where he can go. He missed his window to go to Chelsea. He would never go to United. Arsenal wouldn’t pay for him. He would have to have mettle to abroad. I don’t think he does.

    2. I think you undervalue Liverpool’s squad. Torres and Mascherano are both world-class players. On a match to match basis, I think both have been far more valuable. Gerrard can hit the highest highs, but he is also inconsistent.

  13. passing WIZARDS . scoring with Diversity ?! come on mate. stick to baseball!

    I dont think we were watching the sam game at all.

  14. An article so bad I had to post twice. Can’t get over the ignorance that this article reeks of. My new favorite line is that “finishing one spot ahead of Everton doesn’t guarantee you anything”–except a Champion’s League spot this year. The omission of Javier Mascherano in your foolish rant might be the biggest mistake–many fans who actually understand football and follow Liverpool have rated Masche as closely, if not higher, than Gerrard at many points this season. Finally, I saw that you/one of your embarrassed colleagues corrected the spelling of Riise’s name–now feel free to change “Sammy” to “Sami”, then delete the whole article.

  15. 1 Champions League winner, 1 UEFA cup, two UEFA Super cups, Two FA cups, two League cups, two community shields, .. all in his time there. Nothing to be proud of? Hell, they were just in the Champions league finals last year. I’m not even a Liverpool supporter, and I think this column is absolutely retarded.

  16. i have news for you Jonny carter, Gerrard have already signed an extension to his contract, hahahaha! what a waste of space you are!

  17. Not to be snobbish, red dude, but signing contract extensions means NOTHING in soccer. Players under contract leave all the time; they are by no means binding in terms of the fact that other teams can pay a transfer fee and that’s the end of the contract.

    Personally, I’m of the opinion that Gerrard will stay at Liverpool until he retires and that’s how it should be. To say that he won’t leave simply because he has signed a contract extension is ignorant, though, because it happens routinely every summer and January.

  18. Wow… the internet really allows the deadshits to come out in force and give their views. I’m not sure if I’ve ever read such a bad article before today. The guy who called it ‘an abortion’ was right

  19. This has to be amongthe mose misinformed articles on football, I mean has the guy just lost it..
    Carragher isnt it world class? Are u f**kin kiddin me? I’m a gooner, and I look at Jamie carragher everyday and wish we had him in our defence.. No world class players??… ( AND I HATE DOING THIS, I DONT LIKE STANDING UP FOR THE REDS OR THEIR PLAYERS, BUT I HAVE TO)… HELLO, every heard of Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano.. They have to be among the top midfielders in the world.. And pepe Reina isnt world class? Well tell u what.. Let “mediorcre” Reina come to the Emirates.. Y’all can have Almunia.. no wait.. Y’all can have Almunia+Lehmann.. Hmm so lets see, Thats a world class keeper+ a world class defender + 3 world class midfielders + a world class forward… Isnt that the spine of a championship winning team..? And in Lucas and Ryan Babel, Liverpool also posess 2 of tomorrow’s stars..
    The writer should just get a new job or something because its clear he sucks at what he does..

  20. Moooooorooooooon!!!! WHO THE FUCK are Xavi Hernandez, Iniesta:))))))))), Messi …. heeeeey he said Iniesta, one more time :)))))))))!!!!! Moron!!! Look what happend with Henry in Barcelona:)), look what happend with Owen in Real, you’ll see what will happend with Lampard in Juventus… YNWA…

  21. well well wat can i say, what do you really know about lfc and steven gerrard, to my knowledge your american so what the fuck are you talking about, continue your talking on your so-called ‘soccer’ and leave the premiership talk to the british, WANKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The quality of pundits who write things here just gets worse by the week. Gaffer stop giving posting rights to 19 year old kids because it shows.
    This article is hilarious, i am a gooner and this muppet is saying how awful Liverpool were in the Merseyside Derby where they restricted Everton to just one chance. Everton were woeful, Liverpool but for some finishing would have won this 3 or 4-0. It wasnt good to watch because Everton were dreadful and never made a game of it.

    Liverpool have some great players and but for the United result are on a fine run. Torres/Masch the nutter/Reina (barring that United game)/Carra are all great players.

    Gerrards trophies are great, he hasnt won the Premiership no and you know he wants to but he has won so much else and the Premiership could well be in his future if Liverpool keep gong like they are and not rotating too often.
    The only thing this article says thats remotely true is Kuyt isnt good enough, I would agree with that but to say finishing higher than Everton guarantees nothing…. tell Everton that when they are in the UEFA Cup next year.

    Seriously this is utter drivel.

  23. Please don’t generalize this to mean that all Americans know dick about football–I’m American and have seen the light about the real football, and it’s embarrassing to read such uninformed crap.

  24. So Pepe Reina isn’t world class?! At this point in the season he has the same number of clean sheets as David James and has every chance of claiming the Golden Glove award for a third consecutive season. I’d say that makes him world class given the current quality of the Barclays Premiership in the context of European / World football.
    Who are you anyway? You know absolutely fuck all.

  25. Gerrard is a role model to every modern day footballer, his is an amazing leader and has a unique talent which gives him the ability to win games on his own, only paul scholes comes close to the talent which gerrard possesses, and even he falls short of Gerrards amazing ability.

    Yes his head was turned by chelsea a few years ago, but he realised that winning the premiership with chelsea would mean nothing to him compared to winning it with liverpool.

    He is my favourite player of all time and in my opinion he is the best player england has ever produced.

  26. I am a Huge fan of Stevie G and for me, Anywhere he goes i go but i would prefer Liverpool for the rest of my life.

  27. This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read. This article is yet another reason why I try to avoid this site. Johnny, I hope you have another job lined up and don’t go mainstream media. This is such a poorly written article from start to finish, not to mind how absurd the authors main point is and to how many of the points he raises are pure laughable.

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