Redesigned BBC Sport Website Earns a Thumbs Up


People are creatures of habit. When we experience something so often but are then forced to change, we often respond in a negative fashion. The same goes with website designs. Many of you spend countless hours each week on BBC Sport. Now, with a radically different design launched today, we’re going to have to relearn the way we navigate around the site – for better or for worse.

Today’s launch of their redesign reveals a site that now looks and feels more like a WordPress blog than a website. Not that a blog design is a bad thing. It’s just that everything looks more Web 2.0 with more white space, a three-column format, wider screen width, larger type size, RSS feeds more prominently displayed and larger main photographs.

However what the BBC Sport website gains with the simpler navigation and breath-of-fresh-air design, they lose with a design that looks more like many other websites already out there. For all its good and bad points, the old BBC Sport design was original and had its own identity that set it apart from everything else outside of the BBC realm.

Of course, the new look will take a while to get used to. In fact, the BBC Sport redesign isn’t complete. They’re launching the redesign in sections, so the football area of BBC Sport still features – for now – the old look and feel.

What are your thoughts about the new BBC Sport design and what do you like and don’t like?


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