Wayne Rooney Joins I'm On Setanta Sports

wayne-rooney.jpgWayne Rooney will be the latest puppet to join the hit show, “I’m On Setanta Sports.” Rooney will join Jose Mourinho and Sven-Goran Eriksson on a weekly basis beginning Saturday, March 29th.

It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic between Mourinho, Eriksson and Rooney will work. The combination of Mourinho and Eriksson has been hilarious, but adding a third character will reduce the amount of airtime for The Special One. Remember that the show is only five minutes in length, so it’s going to be challenging to squeeze everything in while keeping it entertaining.

To learn more about the creators responsible for I’m On Setanta Sports, read this article.

2 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Joins I'm On Setanta Sports”

  1. You should do another writing contest Gaffer, so I can win a pizza this time, right now, I’m starving.

    Wayne Rooney looks prettier as a puppet. I think he looks like a donkey’s arse in real life, nasty.

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