Cahill’s Injury is a Massive Blow for Everton


Everton midfielder Tim Cahill will likely miss the rest of the season, manager David Moyes said today, after the Australian was diagnosed with a recurrence of a broken bone in his foot.

It’s no secret that I think very highly of Cahill as a player; in December, I wrote a post illustrating and praising his proclivity to come up with clutch goals for his team time after time after time, for both Everton and Australia. This is a guy who plays in the center and can really spur attacks out of what is an otherwise fairly pedestrian Everton midfield. As I said, he scores big goals almost routinely and just has a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and that can’t be underestimated in soccer.

Without him, it’s just difficult to see how the Toffees could finish ahead of hated rivals Liverpool in the Premiership, hopes of which were fading anyway. They’d certainly need a result at Anfield in the second Merseyside derby of the year on Sunday, preferably a win, but who’s going to score that clutch goal? Jamie Carragher and Martin Skrtel are more than capable of shutting the Yak down and if they do, who else for Everton will step up?

That’s the question not only for this game, but for the rest of the season as well. It’s feasible that Portsmouth and Aston Villa can catch Everton and turn what was a possible 4th place finish and Champions League berth into a 7th place finish and not even another crack at the UEFA Cup. I’m not saying that is what will happen, but I truly believe that losing Timmy Cahill will be a huge blow to this team.

7 thoughts on “Cahill’s Injury is a Massive Blow for Everton”

  1. Just the latest player who can thank Beckham for inventing the metatarsal.

    As good a player as Tiny Tim is ,it’s not as big a loss for Everton as you might think ,they’ve managed alright without him for half the season so far.

  2. Ringo, managed is the key word, because they’re certainly not thriving without him.

    Everton’s record in all competitions when Cahill plays is an astounding 19-4-5. He sounds pretty valuable to me.

  3. Hadn’t heard about that until you just mentioned it, would it be the only game played that Thursday?

    If so, that wouldn’t be a bad “primetime” match; one team is fighting for the league title and the other for a Champions League spot. It makes sense, I mean I haven’t looked at the rest of the schedule for that weekend but this definitely seems like it would be one of the best of the 10.

  4. Chelsea are unhappy with the change in schedule:

    As for Cahill, I think a possible bigger factor than Cahill being out is that Arteta has been less dominant/effective than last season and his form has certainly dipped as this season has gone on. Granted he has apparently been playing through a groin injury of some sort for the last couple of months but whatever the reason, Arteta has just not been the same player this season as he was last year.

  5. As an Australian i am probably biased by Cahill is Everton’s most important footballer and yes more important than Arteta. He might not be as technically gifted as Arteta but the amount of work he does in his own half where he tracks back wins the ball plays a simple pass to a distributor makes his run into the opposing box and gets on the end of a ball to get his goal is remarkably consistent. Correct me if i’m wrong but before Arteta came to everton, Cahill was everton’s top scorer/assister, his a more dynamic footballer than people give him credit for. His injuries are extremely concerning as we missed him in our recent WCQ against China (noting we had also lost 8 “first teamers”)…. Good luck to Everton but i just don’t see them having enough legs to cross the line in terms of a champions league spot.

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