Man United Leads the Premier League in Average Attendance

old_trafford.gifIf you’re wondering what the average attendances are for Premier League clubs in the 2007/2008 season thus far, here they are. Not only does Man United lead the league table, but they also have the highest average attendance. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to also have the largest capacity among the 20 Premier League clubs.

1. Manchester United, Old Trafford, 75,638
2. Arsenal, Emirates Stadium, 60,062
3. Newcastle United, St James Park, 51,122
4. Liverpool, Anfield, 43,529
5. Sunderland, Stadium of Light, 42,546
6. Manchester City, City of Manchester Stadium, 42,069
7. Chelsea, Stamford Bridge, 41,499
8. Aston Villa, Villa Park, 39,848
9. Everton, Goodison Park, 36,766
10. Tottenham Hotspur, White Hart Lane, 35,931
11. West Ham United, Boleyn Ground, 34,616
12. Derby County, Pride Park, 32,270
13. Middlesbrough, Riverside Stadium, 26,401
14. Birmingham City, St. Andrews, 26,176
15. Fulham, Craven Cottage, 23,503
16. Reading, Madejski Stadium, 23,469
17. Blackburn Rovers, Ewood Park, 23,369
18. Bolton Wanderers, Reebok Stadium, 20,412
19. Portsmouth, Fratton Park, 19,999
20. Wigan Athletic, JJB Stadium, 18,740

Based on this league table, you can see a correlation between average attendance size (i.e. amount of revenue being brought in from ticket sales) with a club’s actual league position. Clubs such as Wigan, Bolton, Reading, Fulham and Birmingham City are near the foot of both the real league table and average attendance.

In contrast, you can see how clubs such as Portsmouth and Blackburn are overachieving.

There are so many other observations that can be pulled from this league table. What are some of the points that you find most interesting? Click the comments link below to share your thoughts.

19 thoughts on “Man United Leads the Premier League in Average Attendance”

  1. I think the average attendances are very healthy considering the prices fans have to pay out for tickets these days. Barring just a few clubs, the average attendace at most grounds this season is less than 3,000 short of capacity and that is very impressive. From Aston Villa upwards it shows that the top clubs are getting full houses pretty much every home game and that’s not something that can be said about the other top leagues in Europe.

  2. I don’t like this stat because it all depends on how much your stadium can hold… as you’ve mentioned.

    I think you should look at the number of times the stadium is sold out or full in all competition… from the Carling cup to the Champions league.

    I don’t remember a time when an Arsenal game at home has been left with empty seats, in any competition.

    Get back to me on that one, will ya?

  3. Good article Gaffer, I do enjoy your stats when you do them. Arguably Pompey have the ‘best’ fans in the Premiership yet are second lowest – I wonder what they could fill with a new stadium.

    I am amazed people can afford this week in week out, I love football but its so pricey – be interesting to see if these attendances can maintain with the onset of recession in England and an aging football population. The average fan age is much higher than in the 70’s prompting fears that the younger folk arent taking to football as much (at those prices I can see why).

  4. Ringo,

    Actually the team that plays to the most number of empty seats this season is currently Bolton Wanderers.

    I’ll post a follow-up article tomorrow showing the top 20 teams according to average attendance as a percentage of their capacity.

    The Gaffer

  5. gaffer-

    Why are premier league stadiums not larger? I know this seems like a slightly stupid question considering the population difference between the US and UK, but college football stadiums are small if they are 50,000.

    Is it just a size/space/population issue or am I missing something?

  6. Kat Kid,

    Good question.

    Many of the stadiums in the Premier League are built in areas where there’s no more room to expand (i.e. the neighborhoods around the grounds butt up against all four sides of the stadiums).

    For example, that’s why clubs such as Liverpool, Portsmouth, Spurs, West Ham, Chelsea and Everton are all in the process of moving (or looking at moving) to a new location so they can build brand-new stadiums with acres of space for parking and bigger grounds.

    The Gaffer

  7. still nobody can answer me that question?

    Who has the most consistent sell outs? Not just in the Premier League, but in every game the team plays.

  8. Stamford Bridge can only hold like 42,000 or something like that.. So it just depends on what size the stadium is.

  9. Does anyone know if season tickets are always included in attendances, regardles of whether the season ticket is used or not?

  10. but if a ticket and is bought and not attended by the purchaser, i'm sure this still counts as an entrant on the final attendance…many times i've seen a half empty stadium but attendance still looks healthy….i know most clubs in the football league count all tickets sold as an atendee regardless of whether they go or not….check bristol city/rovers website

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