Rio Tabbed as England Captain, Becks Will Get 100th Cap

England manager Fabio Capello has selected Manchester United center back Rio Ferdinand to lead out the side in the Three Lions’ friendly in Paris tomorrow, which, given Capello’s desire to rotate the captaincy until World Cup qualifiers begin in September, wasn’t really a surprising choice to many people.

However, this is a guy who was suspended for eight months in 2003 for missing a drug test and isn’t even the permanent captain at his club. This is a guy who, as United’s captain around Christmastime, organized the infamous party that led to rape accusations being brought against Jonny Evans, who is now at Sunderland. This is a guy who has committed multiple driving offenses and has been banned from driving on four separate occasions. This is a guy who last year called a radio host a “faggot” live on the air in 2006.

This is the guy who will wear the captain’s armband for England? Come on.

After the game John Terry had against Arsenal on Sunday and given the fact that he is Chelsea’s captain and was England’s captain under Steve McLaren, he seemingly was the obvious choice. Guys like Gareth Barry, Villa’s captain, David James, Steven Gerrard, and even David Beckham, who has the fourth most games played as captain in England history, also should have been ahead of Ferdinand in the pecking order. I understand that Capello wants to rotate the captaincy and that’s fine, but England-France is a significant game with a long history and choosing Ferdinand just seems to devalue it a little bit.

Capello also confirmed today that Beckham will get his 100th cap against France, a well-deserved honor. With David Bentley playing so well at the moment, it’s unclear whether Beckham will start or be brought on as a substitute, but the latter wouldn’t take away from the 100th cap at all.

Congratulations to Ferdinand and Beckham on their respective milestones, and good luck to England tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Rio Tabbed as England Captain, Becks Will Get 100th Cap”

  1. I don’t mind Ferdinand as captain for the France game, because everyone knows that the captaincy is going to be passed around some until WC qualifying starts. It’s not like he’s been permanently given the armband.

    If anything, it will show Ferdinand what it’s like to captain his nation against a major opponent. The honor and responsibility that he experiences as captain of England may affect his performances in the future in a positive way. That’s not a bad thing.

    As for Beckham’s confirmed cap for tomorrow, I don’t really get it. There are other players who are actually playing and who are playing well. Perhaps Capello would rather get the 100th cap out of the way so as to not have his team distracted by media questions about the 100th appearance down the road when the games actually matter. Perhaps Capello is a robot controlled by Alexi Lalas and the LA Galaxy.

  2. I agree with Chad’s comments about Rio. It’s not permanent and he’s not the only player connected to the England squad to ever have his name associated with a scandal.

    The British police have dropped the rape investigation against Johnny Evans so I dont know if that’s valid to bring up anymore.

    As for Becks, let him get the 100th cap out of the way and then they can focus on the qualifiers without that question hanging over the team should Becks be dropped from the squad again.

  3. I hope Beckham get his 100th cap so I don’t have to hear about it anymore. I am a Beckham fan and all but I think his time as being an Engalnd International is up.

  4. Rio is also a guy who never gets booked. Plays hard and fair. And if he give the ref a mouthful, they probably deserved it. Can’t say that about Terry.

    as for off field issues. John Terry is no angel himself.

    I have no problem with Rio. I do with Terry.

  5. “Rio is also a guy who never gets booked. Plays hard and fair.” -patrick
    Gtfo with that nonsense.

    I haven’t heard anyone bring up that point about just getting Beck’s 100th cap out of the way.
    But now that I think about it, it makes complete sense.

    I kinda enjoyed Gerrard being the captain… didn’t seem to bother anyone.

    I’ve always thought that a midfielder should be captain and I’m going to give my vote to Gerraaaaaard.

  6. Lemmus,

    I was not implying that the Christmas party should now be a source of pride. I merely meant that the charges were dropped and all we have ever heard is allegations about what was going on that evening.

    Anyhow, Rio would not have been my choice as a captain. I would just go ahead and name Gerrard as captain on a permanent basis. Not sure why Cabbage Man is stalling.

  7. Beckham shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad.
    And remember if he hadn’t taken a deliberate yellow card against Wales(?) to avoid a trip to Eastern Europe he would already be on a hundred.

  8. Beckham deserved it- and now it’s over with. Not sure about his comments on wanting to continue though- I think he ought to thank Fabio and be on his way. Young and Bentley have too much talent to ignore. I might keep Becks on the active roster now and then, but he’s not a starter or even a super-sub. Maybe throw him into a game when the offense is bogged down, then pray for set piece…

    Now, on to Rio and Terry- they’re both idiots, and I wouldn’t have either one of them captaining my team. I agree with you that Terry is probably the worst between them, but any number of other guys should’ve come up first. Gerrard seems to be the least flakey of the “stars” – not sure if he has the force of personality required, but I’d give him the nod over any of the others mentioned.

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