Joost to Offer Premier League Highlights Via Internet

joost1.gifIn an interesting development relating to soccer and technology, Joost — the online TV network from the creators of Skype — has won the rights to show highlights from Premier League matches for viewers in India only.

The highlights will form a dedicated Joost channel for viewers in India. The channel will be supported by advertising.

The whole world of rights to Premier League matches (whether they be highlights or the matches themselves) is often very confusing. Last summer, for example, a company named Nimbus Sport won the mobile and Internet rights for the Premier League across 80 countries for the next three years. Nimbus presumably sold or sub-licensed the rights for the internet highlights in India to Joost.

In the United States, Fox Soccer Channel – through their agreement with Verizon Wireless – offers highlights via cellphones. Fox also owns the rights to show Premier League highlights via the internet, which are available after Sunday 7pm ET via their website.

The latest development by Joost marks a significant advancement in the use of technology to allow fans to watch soccer legally over the Internet. If successful in India, the hope is that Joost will work with Nimbus Sport to provide soccer fans in other countries with access to the highlights.

If you’re unfamiliar with Joost, please see EPL Talk’s review of the online site (see review here).


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