Revealed: The Masterminds Behind I'm On Setanta Sports

jose-mourinho.gifOne of the biggest hits in viral soccer videos has been the hilarious “I’m On Setanta Sports” videos starring the Jose Mourinho and Sven-Goran Eriksson puppets. According to Setanta, the videos have received more than 500,000 hits on YouTube.

But relatively little is known about the creators behind the videos… until now.

The man who writes the scripts and does the voices is Irish comedian Mario Rosenstock, who is best known in Ireland for his vocal impersonations of famous footballers and personalities on Ireland’s Today FM station (specifically a program called Gift Grub).

To get a flavor for Rosenstock’s work, including his hilarious impersonations of Steve “Stan” Staunton and Roy Keane, check out these videos:


While the scripts and voice talent is handled by Rosenstock, a company called Caboom from Dublin use the puppets. The episodes are filmed at Windmill Lane Studios, also in Dublin.

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  1. Well.., err…, good try but I am the “original” fake Sven as also seen on Setanta!
    People have said I will f…, err, “romance” anything with a pulse in a skirt, but this is NOT true….. I find some chicks who wear jeans pretty hot also……

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