3 thoughts on “The Independent Newspaper Scores One for Liverpool”

  1. we have noticed for quite as much as often that referees often behave behave differently in matches involving Manchester Utd and the other big clubs. How much are referees being paid by the FA and how much does it take for the referees in question to be “bought over” by the croonies linked to either Manchester Utd or the bookmakers? There is a vast difference in the treatment of players from both sides by the referee and showing a yellow card to Ferdinand was just a formality to act to be un-biased… It showed on Ferdinand’s face in an unusual manner and throughout the game, if anyone notices, the Manchester Utd players were acting intentionally different towards the referee not because of all the furore over the recent disrespect towards referees, but because the had the information that the referee had been paid to influence the game in their favour. Man Utd players were told not to argue and keep fouling until the Liverpool players come arguing… Its quite a simple ploy actually, and very evident coming from a neutral. Steve Bennett and like many other referees in the English Premier League can be and have been bought over time in just about the amount any Man Utd blayer earns in a week, or probably more these days. The referees’ association is well protected and no one would dare make this known, but we can’t deny that this can be true, and we adamantly feel that this is the case as a referee is supposed to be a judge and in doing so he too has to be un-biased, thus it’ll be worth mentioning that in some countries, judges are paid a substancial sum so as to eliminate the potential temptational tendency to get lured into a web of deceit for personal financial profits. Steve Bennett has an offshore bank account. Would the FA know that, or are they in it as well? Is there any legal independent body who would walk the right path to look into this? Or is it the red-tape surrounding the FA concerned abour their image in the sport avoiding any inquiries? Since the inception of the new Premier League, there have been far too many incidences, and the referees are just a small monopolising bunch who have maintained their ststus quo, and also their fattening bank accounts. It has been for some time now, no longer a sport, but a commercial entity, and with the millions of pounds involved, it is no wonder that referees can be bribed for just a small fraction of it.

  2. Small wonder English referees aren’t given games in Europe..they are disgracefully greedy morons working only on bribes from Alex Pagason

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