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New 08/09 Chelsea Away and Third Shirts Revealed

Recently EPL Talk shared a picture of the new 08/09 Chelsea home shirt that appeared in a British tabloid newspaper. If you haven’t had a chance to see the new Chelsea away and third shirts for the 2008/2009 season, here they are (courtesy of Football Shirt Culture):

Away shirt:

chelsea away1 New 08/09 Chelsea Away and Third Shirts Revealed

A sigh of relief will be heard around the world when football fans learn that Chelsea won’t be wearing their highlighter inspired shirt next season, but will instead be wearing a more contemporary yellow color without the fluorescent glow. The design of the new shirt is according to the new Adidas template design. The collar, it should be noted, is different than the Chelsea home shirt but consistent with the Chelsea third shirt.

Third shirt:

chelsea third New 08/09 Chelsea Away and Third Shirts Revealed

While Liverpool are supposedly dropping their black third shirt for 2008/2009 and replacing it with green, Chelsea has instead decided to drop its white third shirt and wear black. Again, there are no surprises to the Adidas template design, but I personally much prefer this black one compared to the white shirt that the club currently wears.

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19 Responses to New 08/09 Chelsea Away and Third Shirts Revealed

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  2. dragonki2012 says:

    I don’t know what to believe anymore…

    Why can’t we just wait until summer or next season?

  3. erik says:

    heard these are fakes, they really look nothing like the current adidas jerseys being used. i hope theyre a little more inspired then the ones seen here, these are garbage.

  4. Anonymous says:

    must be fake! so ugly..

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  6. nmnm says:

    the away 1 is olrite

  7. Anonymous says:

    there crap would pay a penny if i was a blue scum

  8. adam says:

    Anonymous you are such a nob i will twat you, thats your fucking stupid view dick head wel i think they are well nice

  9. adam d says:

    i think they are the real kits. there similar to the 08 09 home kit. i quite like the yellow one.makes a nice change to fluorescent yellow.allow id prefer a white away kit to be honest

  10. Steve says:

    The black one is the new away shirt….

    Yellow must be thrid kit..

    I think they look great, i’ve already got the new blue shirt can’t wait to get my hands on the black one it looks awesome!

  11. phil guard (crawley uk) says:

    its real they got the home top right got the away (ref) top right so y would the 3rd 1 not be real and i as a chelsea fan like the yellow more but ill buy all of them and then choose which 1 2 wear wen i go to portsmouth game august 16th!!

  12. lewis jones says:

    i prefere liverpool but the home is alright the away is crap and the 3rd looks like last years goalie shirt

    and the smell on my liverpool one is nice the smell on this is SSSHHHHIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Carlos says:

    The third kit is the away kit
    and the away kit is the third kit


  14. anonymos says:

    how do u know its real where did u get it

  15. The Gaffer says:


    This is an old post which was written in March. We now know, of course, that the black shirt is the away one while the third strip is the yellow one.

    Anonymous, the pictures are from the website

    The Gaffer

  16. Alex says:

    God damn that black shirt is sexy…

  17. 4you4life says:

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    Football shirts, Club shirts, International shirt, Name and number style, Patches

  18. donnie says:

    i don’t think they need to change the shirts. this is crap.

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