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It’s all on the Line Tonight

adu big.thumbnail It’s all on the Line Tonight

Tonight will determine a great deal about the health of the US National Team program. I feel the program is ill currently and could be terminally so with a loss tonight. However, the addition of Jonathan Spector for this match gives Peter Nowak a Premiership caliber player to put up against the Canadians, something he did not have in group play. Here is what I see as the likely starting eleven for tonight.






Yes a 4-5-1 which can hit you on the break. It’s unlikely Nowak will play Cervi in goal but I find him to be a lot more reliable than Chris Seitz. I’d also like to Michael Orozco instead of Patrick Ianni but assume Nowak will start Ianni who has looked lost throughout most of the group stage. Any thoughts about the US lineup? A result is mandatory tonight. Missing the Olympics for the 2nd straight time, and this time without facing Mexico would be cause for someone to be sacked in my opinion. Many of you will be distracted by the NCAA Tournament. Complicating matters is the decision of the NIT, now owned by the NCAA to also play tonight and tomorrow night. (The NIT traditionally took NCAA days off). So if you are going to give the match a pass, that’s alright, but for those of you interested Fox Soccer Channel at 9pm ET/6pm PT. It’s all on the line tonight, and much like the NCAA Tournament it is win and advance, lose and go home.

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8 Responses to It’s all on the Line Tonight

  1. eplnfl says:

    Well, much as I expected the US was saving their best for the big one. Bringing in Spector was a excellent move. You heard it from me first the US will medal in China.

    Well done the Red, White, and Blue!

  2. bandeeto says:

    I don’t know if the US will medal, but, speakin on a purely coaching standpoint, Nowak didn’t put a foot wrong tonight. Totally outclassed Canada with a 4th different starting lineup. The right subs came on at the right time. The entire team seemd motivated, focused, and clearly had an effective game plan. And I’m not a Nowak fan.
    I’m starting to see that Altidor is not ready to be the man yet. His ability to score, against U-23′s no less, is severely cut without a true number one striker, like Angel, to take the lions share of defensive attention. He did open things up and hold the ball well for the most part, but still showed that he has lots of room for growth in an age group where I expected him to do better.

  3. Kartik says:

    I was happy to see Orozco playing and Adu really on his game. Altidore played better as well. All in all an excellent performance when we needed it the most.

  4. Berlin says:

    Adu is the NOW of American soccer. Why, oh why, is he still playing with the U’s and not running the MNT?

  5. Kartik says:

    Berlin, a very good point and precisely part of the reason I am so down on our entire structure and national program at the moment.

  6. Crew 1996 says:

    Good win!

  7. TheScout says:

    The Canucks offered little in this match. The US were too strong for what we’ve got at this stage.

  8. adrianomg6 says:

    Sasha Kljsten is HORIBLE!

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