United States to Play England at Wembley in May, 2008

usa-soccer-ball1.jpgAs reported back in February, EPL Talk can now confirm that England will be playing the United States in a friendly on May 28th at Wembley Stadium.

The match will be an excellent opportunity to extinguish or fan the flames regarding the animosity that many Americans have against English soccer and vice-versa. Across the Internet via message boards, blogs, comments from readers and in articles written by journalists on both sides of the Atlantic, there has been a lot of bad blood spilled between Americans and Brits in the past 12 months.

Hopefully the friendly match will give both sides of the Atlantic a better appreciation for the style and quality of play from both England and the United States. We’ll have to wait until May 28th to see.

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13 thoughts on “United States to Play England at Wembley in May, 2008”

  1. Should be an interesting game but don’t expect too much from England. The game comes just a week after the end of the season and most players will already be in holiday-mode by then with a few months off on their minds. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised in America pulled off a shock win in this game.

  2. I’d be surprised if America won.

    Good point you make with the players being done with the season and not wanting to play but there’s a few Americans that will be done with the season who play in the EPL.

    I don’t expect a great match, but a comfortable victory for England.

  3. I was at the Chicago game in 2005 when Englands C team beat the yanks 2-1. Kieran Richardson brace says it all.
    Its only going to be treated with any care by England if Capello makes the players care.

    At the end of the day its a friendly though so eb prepared for ridiculous numbers of subs – FIFA need to ban that if they want their ranking to count in seeding issues. 3 subs and thats all else these game descend into nonsense by the 70th minute.

  4. If you look at some of the comments on 606 most England fans think this is a worthless friendly and the US are not worthy opponents.

  5. The US isn’t that good, but they’re a good friendly for England. USA is the type of team England would see in the group stages of the World Cup. Also, given that the US is not a glorious opponent for England, the passion of England’s players will be tested: England need to learn to play every game 100 percent, whether it’s Andorra, Russia, Brazil, or the US.

  6. England shouldn’t be talking about worthy opponents.

    They haven’t done shit lately or in the previous 20 years to be talking about who’s worthy or not worthy of facing them.

    In fact, just for saying that I hope USA go to Wembly and destroy England.

  7. England fans claiming the USA isn’t a worthy opponent? I suppose Croatia wasn’t either. When was the last time England mattered? Completely arrogant on your part.

    USA wins convincingly, I’m calling it now.

  8. The US isn’t a worthy opponent AT THIS POINT for any top footballing nation (which England is not). Our national program has regressed substantially since 2001 or 2002. Between 1993 and 2003 the United States beat Argentina twice, Germany twice, Brazil, England and South Korea. Since 2003 the US has not defeated a non CONCACAF country of note.

    In addition the current gap in quality between Mexico at the top of CONCACAF and the United States allegedly in 2nd is bigger than any point since 1994. Mexico is going to dominate CONCACAF in the next two, maybe three world cup cycles. This is a bad time for American soccer.

  9. I say 3-0, or 4-0 England before the US loses 5-0 to Spain and possibly struggles with Barbados in qualifying. Seriously, for someone like myself who has watched the national team for 20 years this is the worst we’ve been in a LONG TIME. So many new fans to soccer in the US for some reason buy the crap that we are constantly improving and that the game is constantly growing here. Until the USSF makes some substantial structural changes and becomes more culturally sensitive and diverse in their thinking we are going NOWHERE.

  10. I think you are taking it too seriously Kartik though i agree with your comments for the mostpart – I just think its a friendly at the end of the Prem season so will be treated accordingly. America isnt a bad opponent but its a daft time of year to play them and will be usurped by Beckham playing against America which will ensure it becomes a bit of a circus and probably Beckham’s swansong. The result will be meaningless as its somewhat of a pointless game – most England friendlies are.

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