Another 4-4 Draw for Chelsea, Tottenham

What a remarkable game.

This 4-4 draw was the second of its kind for both Spurs and Chelsea this season; remarkably, Aston Villa was the opponent for both London clubs in their other 4-4 game. Spurs also drew 3-3 with Fulham and beat Reading 6-4 earlier in the year, showing their knack for high-scoring contests.

Tottenham very nearly won the game today in second half injury-time, but Chelsea keeper Carlo Cudicini denied Dimitar Berbatov from close range. It was a chance on which I would’ve bet my house on the Bulgarian striker scoring, so luckily I couldn’t make it to Vegas to place a wager.

I thought that Ashley Cole should’ve been sent off for that horrible challenge on Alan Hutton right before the first half ended, and somehow he walked away with only a yellow card. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to give a red card to Jason Koumas for his tackle last weekend, which was a joke in itself (the red card, not the tackle), then surely Cole should’ve been dismissed as well, no question about it. Did I miss something, or was Hutton’s shin almost snapped in half?

Not only that, but John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Didier Drogba all should’ve been booked for dissent after they followed referee Mike Riley for nearly 20 yards after Riley kept backing away and calling for Cole. I don’t care that John Terry is the captain; you can’t show up the referee like that. Lampard and Drogba certainly had no business getting in Riley’s face either. All of this after the FA came out today with a “respect the referees initiative”. Please!

Oh, and then Robbie Keane gets a yellow card for opening his mouth a little bit just after that? It’s a joke! Keane gets a yellow card for saying something 10 yards away, and the three Chelsea players get away scot-free. Mr. Riley, take yourself and your big nose right off the soccer field and don’t come back, thanks. He has no business being a Premiership referee if he’s going to be as inconsistent as he was today.

With the way the game went, I think both teams will take the point and live to fight another day. Chelsea really squandered an opportunity to make it a three-team title race and will now have to beat Arsenal this Sunday to get back in contention, but a point is better than nothing and that’s very nearly what Chelsea got out of this game.

Manchester United took care of business against Bolton with a 2-0 victory at Old Trafford, putting the Red Devils three points up on Arsenal with eight games to go. I’ll tell you right now, as long as United don’t get beat by Arsenal at Old Trafford on April 13, the Premiership trophy will be heading to Manchester for the second year in a row.

12 thoughts on “Another 4-4 Draw for Chelsea, Tottenham”

  1. no need for name calling… But yeah chelseas defense was sad from set pieces, cant believe we gave away 3 goals from a set piece. GG though i guess

  2. That was the biggest surprise to me, Spurs aren’t exactly a big, physical team and yet they were able to score off a couple corner kicks there..Terry didn’t even bother contesting that ball against Berbatov for Spurs’ second goal; that replay still stands out to me.

  3. OHHH I JUST CAN’T DECIDE WHICH TEAM I HATE MORE… ok its clearly Chelsea and that feeling of entitlement they carry around with those fat pay checks… and at least Spuds play attacking football, almost English attacking football… But always nice to see a dent in CFC’s title hopes.

    and the bird man needs to fly off to the fizzy pop, where the refs are about as consistent as the weather in England.

  4. Good game, highly entertaining, loved it.

    Berbatov could of won it.

    RObbie Keane with a wicked shot, that was the best goal.

    I liked the game because Spurs wore out Chelsea and made them play the whole 90 minutes, and showed that they can concede, cuz here come Arsenal.

  5. Just seen Ashley Cole’s reaction to Riley after being booked for that challenge – disgraceful. How he can defend that tackle is beyond me, it was very high and dangerous and fortunately he didn’t do Hutton any damage. Then, when being spoken to by Riley, he turns his back and treats the ref like an idiot. Who does he think he is? Time for the FA to intervene on this in my view.

  6. Hope A.Cole is suspended for arguing and giving the referee shit/attitude for being booked by the tackle that probably deserved more.

    Anyone see Huddlestone try to pull off a Ronaldo? LOL!

    If Bolton had Anelka they wouldn’t be in the relegation battle.

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