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MON, 2:45PM ET

Inter Accused of Tapping Up Hleb

Posted on by tyduffy

23821ep0 Inter Accused of Tapping Up Hleb

Want to enrage Arsene Wenger?  Try buying one of his young lads an ice cream.

According to the Guardian, the Arsenal manager will report Inter Milan to UEFA, after the club tapped up Alexander Hleb during the team’s trip to Milan.

Hleb reportedly left Arsenal’s hotel with an agent Claudio Vigorelli, who Wenger believes escorted the 26 year-0ld to Inter’s offices on Via Durini.

Vigorelli is affiliated with international super agent Vincenzo Morabito.  Morabito admitted that Vigorelli met with Hleb, but denied any meetings with Inter.  “They went for an ice-cream. We are sorry that Mr Wenger took it badly and complained because we have a good relationship with him,” Morabito told the Guardian.

Wenger signed Hleb from Hamburg in 2005 for 11.2m GBP.  He had been thought a disappointment until a triumphant turn-around this season – slowed down in the second half by injury.

He has previously been linked with both Inter and Barcelona.

Arsenal have a number of young mid-fielders.  If they can double their money, it may be a wise decision.

6 Responses to Inter Accused of Tapping Up Hleb

  1. Alex Hleb says:

    ‘Arsenal have a number of young mid-fielders. If they can double their money, it may be a wise decision.”

    what would be a wise decision?

    What has to be questioned now is why I played so well in the milan game. Was I trying to impress Inter? hmmm.

    Stories like these, if they are true are putting my career at arsenal in doubt.

    Maybe its false that I saw Inter because there are so many stories of teams wanting to buy players from Arsenal like Juventus wanting to buy Gilberto and Senderos, Man U wanting to buy Adebayor, Barcelona wanting to get me, Cesc, and even Eboue!. Oh hell there was even a story that Chelsea wanted to buy Henry! Oh those geezers, cant live without them. I love it.

  2. Alex Hleb says:

    did you know hleb in russian and belarussian means bread?

    mm slice of hleb. everyone seems to want some.

  3. Alex Hleb says:

    mmm especially with butter and jam

    butter and jam. butter and jam.
    butter and jam. butter and jam.
    butter and jam. butter and jam.

  4. Alex Hleb says:

    the ice cream shop i went to was odd. it looked like a large stadium. the person serving the ice cream was wearing a suit with a blue and black pin on the side.

  5. Alex Hleb says:

    we had cosmopolitan ice cream. the two sides were a streak of blueish vanilla and a dark almost black chocolate.

    i could only have it if i promised to try on this shirt they gave me, again with blue and black stripes going up and down.

    whats with the blue and black theme?


  6. BillE Shears says:

    Yes, I did know that Hleb means bread.

    But, I do have a question for you. Why do you cut your own hair?

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