ITVN and Setanta: Service Comes to an End

It’s official. ITVN, who we reported a few weeks ago was in serious financial trouble, will discontinue its Setanta Sports feed this month, according to Setanta Sports.

Many ITVN customers complained today of difficulty accessing their Setanta feed and were met with “Cannot Connect – Server May Be Down” messages.

The news about Setanta not being available on ITVN anymore was sent to many Setanta Sports subscribers via e-mail this week. In the email (see below), Setanta Sports is offering an incentive for ITVN customers to migrate to either DirecTV or DISH Network.



The email includes a bonus offer for one free month of Setanta Sports. After you sign up with DirecTV or DISH Network, all you have to do is send an email to Setanta at [email protected] and include your satellite service (DISH Network or DirecTV), your new account number, service address, contact name and phone number and your old ITVN account number.


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