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ITVN and Setanta: Service Comes to an End

It’s official. ITVN, who we reported a few weeks ago was in serious financial trouble, will discontinue its Setanta Sports feed this month, according to Setanta Sports.

Many ITVN customers complained today of difficulty accessing their Setanta feed and were met with “Cannot Connect – Server May Be Down” messages.

The news about Setanta not being available on ITVN anymore was sent to many Setanta Sports subscribers via e-mail this week. In the email (see below), Setanta Sports is offering an incentive for ITVN customers to migrate to either DirecTV or DISH Network.

setanta top ITVN and Setanta: Service Comes to an End

setanta bottom ITVN and Setanta: Service Comes to an End

The email includes a bonus offer for one free month of Setanta Sports. After you sign up with DirecTV or DISH Network, all you have to do is send an email to Setanta at and include your satellite service (DISH Network or DirecTV), your new account number, service address, contact name and phone number and your old ITVN account number.

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10 Responses to ITVN and Setanta: Service Comes to an End

  1. United4life says:

    Yep I had to sign onto Setanta Broadband this mornig. Missed the first 2 minutes of the United match.

  2. Kartik says:

    Can I recommend, Setanta by Broadband? Championship week in College Basketball plus the CONCACAF qualifiers have brought broadband to a whole new level for me. Broadband is the way to go, and Setanta Broadband gives you additional leagues and games you won’t see on Setanta by tv.

  3. Todd says:

    real shame this same offer doesnt apply to setanta broadband. i dont know why we wouldnt get the same loyalty incentives. if we could get a dish..we wouldnt have had ITVN

  4. andy c. says:

    i emailed itvn to cancel my subscription on thursday. unrelated, i received the email this morning that setanta was no longer on itvn. i’m in grad school and live on campus so itvn was a life-saver for arsenal matches, great bandwidth on campus. i’ll definitely miss having that box.

  5. Ringo says:

    Don’t throw your ITVN boxes away ,they make great beer coasters.
    If only I’d known about broadband before…

  6. Geoff says:

    just come to cable already, dammit

  7. I’m speaking for Setanta here, and just want to clarify some issues that have arisen lately.

    First, we’d love to be on cable and have been approaching them even before we launched on DirecTV or Dish. Unfortunately, the cable cos haven’t been responsive to us, but we keep slogging away at them. If you go to our website,, you can see that in Canada, we are available on many platforms (both cable and satellite) because the companies up there were anxious to get Setanta on their systems.

    Second, for those who were ITVN customers, it was unforseen that they were in financial difficulty, otherwise we would not have partnered with them to begin with. They were providers of our channel (like DirecTV or Dish) and therefore, Setanta does not have influence on their liquidity or their customer service.

    If there are further queries, please feel free to address them to

  8. Dan says:

    Just a reminder… all cable users should contact their cable company and request Setanta Sports. If enough of us do, then maybe we can get them to add it to their lineup.

  9. Abe says:

    Can we fixed a set date to call comcast and tell them we are going to verizon if they refuse to carry setanta? We should pick one saturday in April, if we clogged thier phone lines they will listen. Just a suggestion.

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