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Champions League Quarterfinal Draw Fixed?

Posted on by tyduffy

010268305845200 Champions League Quarterfinal Draw Fixed?

A message posted in the Liverpool FC forum on the Liverpool Echo’s website has sparked speculation about a fixing of Friday’s Champions League draw in Nyon.

The post, received at 10:28 AM (90 min prior to the draw) read as follows.

“RUMOUR going around the draw has been leaked . . . this is no doubt rubbish but if the rumour is true it’s LFC – Arsenal, Chelsea – Fenerbahce and Manchester United vs Roma.

No bookies will take bets on the draw either.

Let the draw commence. Come on!”

The poster claims the he received the advance result from two friends within betting circles.  He was then “frustrated” when he was not allowed to bet on the outcome.

Bookkeepers told the Liverpool Echo that it was common practice not to accept bets on the Champions League draw itself.

UEFA asserts that draw was conducted with “150% honesty.”

The odds of choosing the correct draw at random would have been 104-1.

3 Responses to Champions League Quarterfinal Draw Fixed?

  1. dragonki2012 says:

    so what’s it all mean?

  2. lee says:

    It means abramovich has his hands in all the pies and probly paid off the Russian goalie who made the draw.

    hot ball V cold Ball

    Chelski get 2 home games in the second leg

  3. kickoff22 says:

    shame – it would have been worth a fiver at those odds anyway!

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