Champions League Quarterfinal + Semifinal Draw–Live

The quarterfinal ties are scheduled to be played April 1/2 and 8/9, and the semifinal ties are scheduled to be played April 22/23 and 29/30. More analysis later.

Quarterfinal round; first leg home team listed first; Premiership teams highlighted in bold:

Arsenal vs. Liverpool
AS Roma vs. Manchester United
Schalke 04 vs. Barcelona
Fenerbahçe vs. Chelsea

Semifinal round; same things as before apply:

Arsenal/Liverpool vs. Fenerbahçe/Chelsea
Schalke 04/Barcelona vs. AS Roma/Manchester United

7 thoughts on “Champions League Quarterfinal + Semifinal Draw–Live”

  1. Roma vs United… what a surprise. Haven’t thought of that matchup before.

    Potential Liverpool v Chelsea semi… what a surprise. Haven’t heard of that one before.

    Sarcasm aside, what I do find interesting is Arsenal-Liverpool, who will have a league match between them as well inside the two CL matches. So, the two play each other 3 times in a week. Could be quite a series with a lot of implications.

  2. and what an akward situation thierry henry would be in. how many minutes would he play against us, and would he even start or would he be taken off later during the match, no one knows. and how will we welcome him at ashburton grove? with applause or with a mixed reception. i sure would be clapping.

  3. Alex, again, I think you’re looking a bit too far in the future.

    Arsenal certainly have their work cut out for them next round against Liverpool and to be honest, I like the Reds in that tie, especially since the all-important second leg is at Anfield. Even if Arsenal do progress, they’ll likely play Chelsea and Chelsea have the midfield players who can shut Arsenal’s quick passing game down.

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