New Arsenal 08/09 Shirts Revealed

Football Shirts, the leading website for the latest news and selection of football jerseys, has done it again. The website has uncovered sneak peaks of the 08/09 Arsenal shirts, both home and away.


Both shirts are designed by Nike. The photographs aren’t the best quality, but they provide an excellent behind-the-scenes look of what will presumably be the 2008/2009 home and away shirts for Arsenal.

Both shirts are a major redesign from the current ones. The home shirt features a redcurrant trim, but the lack of a distinctive white sleeve may upset some Arsenal fans.

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52 thoughts on “New Arsenal 08/09 Shirts Revealed”

  1. the home looks like the 2000 (ish, i can’t quite remember) home kit. i hate the away. i hope that its just a training shirt and the away is still goner be white cos i love that one.

  2. The yellow one is similar to the late 80’s – early 90’s classic but the away one looks as if no thought has gone into it, ie. Rubbish. Personally I’d prefer the white, for the home shirt, only on the sleeve and not too much of it.
    Keep the white one for europe as we do well whenever we play away in it and a gold away shirt for domestic away games, i remeber we didn’t lose a single away match when we had that colour & won the league at old trafford.

  3. Yup – the red is minus the collar of our last double season.

    The yellow is simply putrid (but something I remember Wrighty scoring in).

    Are they releasing these pics to inspire people to buy our white strip?

  4. FAKE FAKE FAKE……..seen these pics ages ago…they look like they been done is some shed in a backstreet of bangkok……

  5. why is Nike down on collars? The grandfather collar of the home shirt looks nice, but the white shirt would’ve been much better with a collar. If these dodgy Bangkok rip-offs are supposed to be next season’s kits, then Nike would do much to improve them by giving them collars. That yellow one is bloody awful, it reminds me of Watford.

  6. I like the away shirt, I think it looks pretty good. I’ve been playing with (as close as you can get to) these shirts on Pro Evo for several months now.

  7. I will buy the home kit but i don’t see why they’re changing the away kit as i think the present away kit is one of the best arsenal have had

  8. these are all fake. i wish that the authors of these posts could use reliable sources when they post next time. these have been up for a year and a half now, before we even saw the white kit and 3rd from this year released.

    its journalism like this that hurts this site. the reason i like writing on this site is to be a critic to all this putrid, sourceless, and pointless banter.

  9. the source of your supposed sneak peak is nothing but a site that sells shirts. when you get a non profit source, then act confident.
    you earn money by writing these posts and generating traffic. as well, when someone buys a shirt from that site, you earn a percentage of the profit. shame on you.

  10. Alex,

    You’re talking nonsense. I don’t earn one cent/penny for any shirts sold from that site. I don’t earn any percentage.

    Football Shirts has routinely unveiled new designs ahead of other sites out there. Sometimes the photos end up being fakes, but more often than not they end up being the real ones.

    What proof do you have that these are fakes?

    The Gaffer

  11. they are soo kak!!! and fake, the nike sign is too low and the arsenal badge is absolutly shit quality!! and no white sleeves, well not the whole sleeve!! no doubt fake!

  12. just 1 point guys the away shirt isnt due to be changed til 2009-2010 season we change one shirt per season its only the home kit due for change so guess that may just point to both being fakes

  13. These have been on the web for months and have been called fakes, but they are 100% real…you’ll all see in the summer. hants gooner: the white away will become the 3rd kit, no idea about the champs league one.

  14. hants gooner, the white shirt is a supposed commemorative shirt, in the same way the Redcurrant shirt was – thus one season use.

  15. Don’t see much evidence of Photoshopping in these- then again they’re pretty low-res, so who knows?

    I actually kind of like them, so props to Nike if they’re real…

    Besides, I’d be more concerned about getting a result at Boro this weekend than what kit they’re going to be wearing when they draw at Wigan next year….

    (Blatant attempt to provoke my Gooner friends here on EPL Talk- did it work?)

  16. These may or may not be fake i don’t know, what I do know is that there will defo be a kit to comemorate the 20th aniversary of 1989 “its up for grabs now” the away kit looks like it was designed with that in mind.

  17. the new home kit reminds me of the dutch master denis,but i prefer it with a atleast a colar.then for a way,i still prefer the white one,because it brings me the memory of milan @ san siro

  18. The reason shirts don’t have collars is because a collar instantly makes any football shirt look dated and old fashioned.
    If they were real and there are enough people above to state that it looks like they’re not then there’s nothing wrong with either of them.
    The home strip looks pretty smart if truth be known but you get the same arseholes whinging about how crap the top looks prior to them buying it then they go and buy it anyway.
    And lest we forget that the last gold top we had was last seen at Old Trafford winning us the league.
    The Arsenal site did some stats a while back and showed that we have performed better when wearing a yellow/gold away strip than any other colour. I’d be happy to see the boys back in gold and have the average white strip as our 3rd strip!

  19. I am a gooner and proud but the yellow is horrible but, i really like the red home one. They should keep the third shirt and white away. Or maybe for the away go for a completely different colour they haven’t used like i dunno er maybe black or somin

  20. So when are the new strips out. My son wants a kit before our holidays in May and I don’t want to go out and buy 07/08 strip if it’s soon to be outdated.


  21. Hello fellow gooners. 1st of all if these are the new team shirts i can live with the home one but the away needs some serious work…looks more like a watford top! i hope that if this is the new away top (which i dont think it is as they just relesed a new away top and 3rd kit this season) that it is used very rarely!

  22. The 3rd away kit is being changed as its a limited addition and the home kit is being change also i was in the arsenal shop last week and i was asking the staff what kit’s are being changed. Dont mind the home but the away is nasty i wont be putting my son in that he has all 3 from this seasson the best is the chapions leg away kit.

  23. I like the home shirt, but I think they need to add fully white sleeves

    Hate the away shirt its god awful reminds me of the 05-06 away shirt I prefer the white away shirt

    I would absolutly buy the home shirt but the away shirt forget it.

  24. shirts are probably not ‘real’ but what do you yanks know about the history of Arsenal?? The away one is extremely similar to our greatest game in history, 89′ Anfield away…Michael Thomas…last second goal to clinch the title at Liverpool whom were favourites (english for favorite) to win!

    Not appreciating the messages saying its a horrible shirt…same could be said about every NFL or MLB attire!!

  25. I heard on the cesc fabregas show, when he won the whole audience this new kit, that the away kit was a tribute to anfield ’89, which would explain the yellow.
    and the home one reminds me of 2001(i think) dreamcast kit.
    would be happy with the home one… but anyway i”l save judgement till i see it in the shop.

  26. you guys dont understand about the away shirt, if these are the shirts we will win the title, just watch it. the old skool look really works i think, shame its not adidas though (originals crest).

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