Liverpool Through to Quarterfinals, Neutrals Cringe


Everyone was crying after this match.  Merseyside denizens shed tears of joy.  The Nerrazzuri cried into their cappuccinos.  Neutrals bellowed in agony at having been forced to watch the full ninety minutes.  But, for better or for worse, Liverpool is through to the Champions League quarterfinals defeating Inter Milan 3-0 on aggregate.

Liverpool held a 2-0 lead following the first leg.  They needed only a draw to advance.  If you need someone to cynically conspire to kill an away match in Europe, Rafa Benitez is your man.  Inter’s demise was augured from the outset.

This win, plus an impressive run of league form, should allow Rafa to retain control of his seat’s temperature gauge for now, even with Tom Hicks sultrily dancing for DIC.

Most importantly, however, the Ibrahimovic Stache has supplanted the Rafa Goat as the most faintly frightening football facial hair.

28 thoughts on “Liverpool Through to Quarterfinals, Neutrals Cringe”

  1. Bollocks!! We outplayed them in both legs. Oh, and by the way Arsenal took care of the other half last week. No doubt, Platinni will have no more than two English teams in the Champions League next year, just to keep it fair.

  2. Well said Frank. If it was United the “experts” would be all over Slur Alex saying what a wonderful display of 2 tie football.

    We played em off the park at home and the emphisis was on them to come at us on their turf. 3-0 in total Ha Ha Ha

  3. you need to look up the word neutral in an english dictionary, because you are clearly not. you clearly hate liverpool. all ive got to say is “stuff you,” the result is what it is, and your pathetic attempt to spin it takes nothing away from it. maybe you should go work in the hillary or obama campaigns, where spinning events really does matter. EPL Talk needs to get a sense of balance when writing about Liverpool.

  4. terrible, why comment on liverpool if you have such distain for the club and city?

    I dont understand how you can say neutrals cringe? If it was arsenal or united it would be tactical genius, but since its rafa, theres more jumping on the rafa out band wagon. Rafa has done better than wenger since arriving at anfield, FACT. but i dont hear wengers name being called

  5. Watch the end of the game again (if it doesn’t hurt you too much), and see the Inter supporters APPLAUDING LIVERPOOL, & singing WITH the Anfield faithful.

  6. Cringeworthy piece, the English media looking for another excuse to rip into Liverpool. Happily they are going to have to do their scavaging elsewhere ( Looks like Chelsea/Grant are fresh meat). Regardless of Neutrals, think about the ultra biased Inter fans. What a fantastic credit they were, The only comparison I can make was when Anfield applauded off Barcelona in 2002.

  7. Once again EPL Talk shows its huge bias against Liverpool. Jealousy ousing from the writer’s keyboard.

    Rafa Benitez is your man though.

  8. Liverpool is the best club in the world… rabble rabble rabble.

    At the risk of getting all Barry Glendenning on you, I will address two of your points Cory.

    1. YOU need to look up the word “neutral” in the dictionary. I do not support Liverpool and I do not support Inter Milan. That is the definition of neutrality.

    2. The Gaffer wrote a quite favorable piece congratulating Liverpool which also appeared on this blog. All that I said was that they were effective but boring. So, in fact, EPLTalk is tipping slightly in Liverpool’s direction if anything.

  9. Now Kiel (#6) winning the Champions League by luck (if it wasn’t luck then would you care to explain what happened in the UCL Final 06/07?) doesn’t make Benitez a better manager than Wenger. Liverpool fans brace yourselves for the fourth spot cause that’s all that you guys can hope for no matter how many Torres’ you guys bring in.

  10. This comments shows you don’t get “All that I said was that they were effective but boring.” would you expect a team with a 2 nil lead to go out and attack? I don’t think so, go back to your football.

  11. You fell asleep twice while reading four paragraphs but still had to rack your brain to come up with a name “The Critic” and a partially witty retort?

    Tim, If you turn off your crazy Liverpool supporting lens for a second and read beyond the first paragraph, you will note that I said it was only expected that they would come out and play for a draw.

    That doesn’t mean that I have to choke down a shit sandwich and praise it profusely.

  12. BillE, YOU need look up the meaning of the word “Neutrals” in the dictionary as the world “Neutrals” is a plaural of “Neutral”, a “Neutral” being a person and “Neutrals” being more than 1 person.

    I point this out as you have taken it upon yourself to write an article under the assumption that the “Neutrals” that watched last nights game all are of the same opinion as you.

    You have then attempted to contrive an excuse that as you are neither a fan of Liverpool or Inter Milan you are in fact in a position to comment as “A Neutral” (notice the emphasis on A Neutral) yet have delivered an article stating as though this was the opinion of “Neutrals”.

    Please make up your mind, either you are making a statement through your own opinion (Neutral) or you have been nominated to speak and comment on behalf of all Neutrals (i seriously doubt it).

    Alternatively we can only decipher from reading your “article” that it is simply conjecture as to the opinion of how “Neutrals” might have perceived last nights game.

    Ultimately as we are left ponder from this “article” as to the “author’s” reasoning and to how his opinnion was reached we can only conclude that either the “author” has simply formed the opinion through that of biase, or the thought process used when writing the article was flawed, naive and distincly amatuerish.

    In a nutshell, the “article” is flawed, amatuerish, naive and possibly biase, a very poor “article” from a very poor “author”.

  13. Now Raed(#13), i agree to a certain extent that Liverpool were more than lucky to win the Champions League in ’05 as Milan were distinctly better than us, especially in the first half. However, your comments about the o6/07 Final baffle me, did you actually watch the game at all? Or were you spending the evening trying to find a suitable anagram for your name (ironic in itself, even more ironic if there were an additional r and t present)?
    Liverpool were clearly the better of the two teams and if Torres had been present in that side we would have had the finisher that we so desperately needed to clinch another UCL title. Milan had two chances in the game which they took, very similar to Liverpool’s champions league exploits of two seasons previous. All in all the two final’s evened themselves out.
    Winning the Champions League “by luck” does not make Benitez a better manager than Wenger, however, by acheiving the feat of reaching two finals in 3 years and consistantly reaching the knock-out stages of the tournament does. This is amplified when you consider the side present in the ’05 final consisted of Djimi Traore and other Houllier signings of similar calibre.

  14. Magic Space Monkey,

    The definition of “Neutral” or “Neutrals” is that you do not support either side in a conflict. I do not support either Liverpool or Inter and am therefore neutral.

    I do have biases, as does anyone, but I don’t see how they are relevant here. I don’t really see how commenting that the second half of that match was extremely dull is biased.

    If you wish to discuss biases, how about a bleating horde senselessly berating anyone who even dares be objective about their club’s performance.

  15. interesting that you dont think that your biases are relevant. that only shows the lack of self-knowledge that you have in your weaknesses. one who feels he is good enough to criticize something, but then is unable to handle the criticism in return. not uncommon in the blog-o-shere.

  16. Tim actually i would expect a team like Arsenal or to a lesser extent Man U to come out and attack even with a 2-0 lead, because it is agains their nature to make a boring, blood vomitingly (new word) shite game for their fans to watch. it is really dissapointing seeing teams go out to intentionally draw

  17. Tim actually i would expect a team like Arsenal or to a lesser extent Man U to come out and attack even with a 2-0 lead, because it is agains their nature to make a boring, blood vomitingly (new word) shite game for their fans to watch. it is really dissapointing seeing teams go out to intentionally draw

  18. Double post, and it wasn’t worth reading the first time. Typical gooner – forgets to unzip when they take a piss.

  19. BillE,

    you can be as objective as you like but if you don’t like the criticsm dont post your opinion on a web site that promotes a response, and as for “a horde bleating senselessly” it seems that rather that the horde are just pointing out the frailties of your opinion to which you have taken exception.

    You have also failed to grasp the context of my comment thus identifying your inability to compose a thoughful response in defence of your poor article.

    At which point did i say i was an “expert on great writing”? Yet again the “neutral” taking it upon himself to make a sweeping statement on behalf of “neutrals”, you must have such a big ego to think you are the mouthpiece for every “neutral” in the land and that your opinion represents “neutrals”.

  20. Gooner,

    at some point Liverpool attacked during the second leg hence the 0-1 score (the clue is in the score line), or did Inter score an own goal?

    The other point is if you have an advantage why risk that advantage by exposing your defense? Maybe if Arsenal or Man U had learnt to be bit cleverer when they had an advantage it might be a case that Man U had more than 2 winners title’s and Arsenal could at least boast 1, as it is there is only 1 English club that can claim any real consistency of success in the competition and we all know who that is, for all the bleating that envious opposition fans make there is only 1 vital stat and that is 5.

  21. What an atrocious piece of uneducated drivel.

    You are the butchers dog of journalism.

    Any ol fool can work out that the European game is all about protecting what you have, when you have it. Perhaps this article stems from a deficiency with the team you support BillE in that they cannot protect what they have, instead going gung ho and blasting a rather large hole in their foot?? Could it be that your team can only play one way and as a result get knocked out at teh qtr final/semi final stage??? Could that be it.

    Any football fan worth their salt would be commending a professional performance in knocking out a classic Italian team?? But oh no, what you want is a team, to go out like headless chickens anfd come off losers. AC Milan 3, man utd 0 anyone???

    bring on any of the British teams, theyll be sent on they’re way like all the rest of them, and people like you will be made to look like the fools you truly are.


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