Gambling on the Premiership

football-gambling.gifListening to The Guardian’s Football Weekly Podcast, especially contributor Sean Ingle, you’d think that every grown Brit who was a football fan bets on matches week-in, week-out. Obviously that isn’t the case, but how prevalent is betting on matches?

Remarkably, I’ve never once bet on a Premier League match. When I grew up in the United Kingdom, I was too young to bet (I left those Isles when I was fourteen). Arriving in America, I had no opportunity or desire to vote on the top English league I’ve been following religiously for practically 31 of my 38 years of life.

Until recently with the rise of Internet gambling worldwide, the opportunity to bet on matches was there, but I didn’t take the chance. Consider it part naivety and part lack of desire. Now, of course, it’s illegal in the United States to make transactions between online gambling sites and U.S. banks or similar institutions, so my opportunity to bet legally on matches has passed unless the law changes.

Based on my performances in last season’s predictions league, I feel I’d have a pretty good chance of predicting matches. However, my performance this season on EPL Talk’s ‘I Know The Score’ leaves much to be desired.

The question, for you, is have you bet on Premier League matches before? If so, did you do it in person or online, and how well did you do? Click on the ‘Comments’ link to add your thoughts.


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