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Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg–TV Schedule

180px UEFA Champions League logo 2 svg Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg  TV Schedule


AC Milan vs. Arsenal (Tomorrow, 2:45 PM ET)
Chelsea vs. Olympiacos (Wednesday, 2:45 PM ET)

ESPN Classic:

Barcelona vs. Celtic (Tomorrow, 5:00 PM ET, Tape-Delayed)
Real Madrid vs. Roma (Wednesday, 5:00 PM ET, Tape-Delayed)


Manchester United vs. Lyon (Tomorrow, 2:45 PM ET)
Sevilla vs. Fenerbahçe (Tomorrow, 6:00 PM ET, Tape-Delayed)
Schalke 04 vs. Porto (Wednesday, 11:00 PM ET, Tape-Delayed)

If you can only pick two matches to watch in these next couple days, look no further than the game at the San Siro between AC Milan and Arsenal and Sevilla’s clash with Fenerbahçe, which could have a few goals in it.

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3 Responses to Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg–TV Schedule

  1. dragonki2012 says:

    Even without goals. They should be SMASHING.

    I must say I am surprised with the Sevilla – Fener. game.
    I wasn’t going to watch it last time but I saw goals left and right so I decided to give it a shot and it didn’t disappoint.

    Also, Barca should put a few more past Celtic, because Celtic will be looking for goals, leaving the open to counter attacks, which Barca will convert.

    Real Madrid need to turn it up and with Robinho in the starting 11 I can see them winning it with bloody noses in Madrid.

    Just a few thoughts of mine, I always have opinions so why not let ‘em out.

  2. Kartik says:

    Roma needs to go all out after blowing their shot to get back in the Serie A race late last week against Inter.

  3. Alex Hleb says:

    the champions! we’re going on! what a game. what a goal. what a win. 2-0, should have been 3 with the hleb call. amazing. best result we could have hoped for. 2-0 on aggregate. 1st english club to win at san siro. not liverpool, not man united, no. but we did it. counted us out. we pulled through. great fighting spirit. great heart. we did it.!

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