Is ITVN in Serious Financial Trouble?

itvn-logo.jpgITVN, the company that provides Setanta Sports via an IPTV set-top box to subscribers in the United States, appears to be in serious trouble.

In what is typically a bad sign in business, ITVN is no longer accepting new subscribers. According to ITVN, “[we are] currently going through a corporate reorganization and we are no longer accepting new subscribers while we focus on our current subscribers.”

ITVN has also closed down its message board and intends on “switching to an email only system.” The ITVN Forums will “no longer [be] a method to reach customer service.”

EPL Talk has received several complaints from ITVN subscribers recently regarding poor quality of the Setanta Sports signal. Oftentimes, the stream didn’t work or worked very poorly.

In October 2007, EPL Talk reported how ITVN subscribers received terrible picture quality during the Merseyside derby.

If you’re an ITVN subscriber and you want to continue watching Setanta Sports and you live in the United States, you have three alternatives if you no longer want to continue being an ITVN customer:

  1. Dish Network.
  2. DirecTV.
  3. Setanta Broadband.


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