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Like Manchester United supporters who grew disillusioned by the debt-laden takeover of their club, Liverpool supporter Alun Parry grew frustrated with the perceived greed of the Premier League and the foreign-ownership team of George Gillett and Tom Hicks.

Rather than sit back and moan about the state of things, Alun decided to do something. He has launched the AFC Liverpool website to see if there was interest in starting a new, grassroots version of Liverpool FC. Pitch Invasion conducted an e-mail interview with Alun and we will hopefully have Alun on a future edition of the EPL Talk podcast.

This, to me, is just another example of the growing backlash against the Premier League. Many people feel that the core values of the game at the highest levels have been subverted and are now more money-driven than they have ever been. The recent proposals by the Premier League to launch a 39th game held outside of England, have led some to conclude that the League have even put the chase for money over the integrity of their competition. For myself, my biggest interest has been the MyFC project where I actually can feel like part of something and not just another paying customer.

Where do you stand? Do you feel the Premier League is headed in the right direction or is their chase to expand their global reach eroding the core of their support?

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  1. There is a growing backlash, yes. But like global warming, real change will take place only when the major players decide its unprofitable to keep ignoring the warning signs. The little people can shout and scream all they want, but money talks loudest.

    I feel for the “disillusioned” ManU and Liverpool fans who feel moved to act. They’re romantics and who can fault them for that? But I also think their efforts are futile – Old Trafford still sells out and Anfield would too. If they have a desire to support a kind of football less tainted by big money, why not attend matches by lower or non-league clubs? They need all the support they can get.

    The only way the Premier League will change is if someone in the chain of command says “enough is enough” (unlikely) or if the PL overreaches itself (as many believe it has done with its Game 39 proposal). Small groups of supporters are always going to be that: small.

  2. I have been a member of FC United when it was founded 3 years ago. To be apart of something like that has been awesome. Kudos to those scouse supporters who are tired of being ripped off by the EPL and greedy owners who dont care about the club they bought. Many said FC United would be over by Christmas, three years later they are still here.

  3. For a true supporter football is and always be about passion and an undying love for your club. I am an FC Supporter in the U.S. and last year flew to Manchester to watch F.C. United play live at Bury Lane. There I rediscovered want it is to be a true football fan again. Everyone stood for a majority of the game, everyone sang all through the game, everyone chanted (even though they were united chants and songs) and there were little kids every where enjoying the game with their dad’s or parents.

    You always hear Sir Alex talk about how the fans at OT are always quite and not supporting the players on the pitch….well that’s because the true fans are now at Bury Lane, were Manchester United voice is now housed.

  4. In reply to Ossie, “their efforts are futile” it’s not about beating the big boys. I think I’m right in saying F.C. United have won back to back titles and could make it 3 in row. Judging by comments 2 and 3, the fans are getting as much if not more out of FCUM as they did/do out of MUFC.

    The concept of AFC Liverpool is a team to exist alongside Liverpool FC. It is not asking supporters to stop following Liverpool F.C. I for one, despite my unease at the current situation at Anfield, Could not conceivably just stop supporting the team I have supported all my life. It is also not just about the situation at Liverpool but football in general and I for one would love it to come to fruition and would certainly be going to watch.

    AFC Wimbledon and FC United are to be admired for what they stand for and for what they have thus far achieved. I believe AFC Liverpool, all be it born out of a more generic situation, can be just as successful and well supported and I hope this is just the tip of a very big Iceberg.

  5. i too travel 200+ miles return to Fc United of Manchester instead of going to Old Trafford. there is no gloryhunting in the nw counties or unibond, but its about more than silver pots. obviously we want to get into more competitive leagues asap.
    im still a red(since 70’s) and always will be, as are most FC supporters, but the greed of the game has overshadowed what should be a FUN day out, where FAMILIES can all afford to go.

  6. good luck to AFC Liverpool. i understand from reading different boards that fans of chelsea, birmingham and heart of midlothian are looking the same way.

  7. Just to clarify; AFC Liverpool has been created by a group of Liverpool fans, not due to anger with the club or it’s owners. Due to the fact that it is now too expensive for many people to follow Liverpool and unavailability of tickets the red’s fans created AFC Liverpool as a way to pass on the scouse traditions and ‘Liverpool-way’ to many of the youngsters who are being priced out of Anfield. The club is seen as Liverpool FC’s little brother, and despite this new club to all the fan’s Liverpool will always be No. 1! AFC Liverpool is simply a way of more Liverpudlians being able to meet up, sing the songs of the kop, pass on traditions and watch a game of football.

    For more info check out

    From a Liverpool and AFC fan, YNWA

  8. amazing project mr parry,im an arsenal fan and honestly id love to see arsenal fans do the same thing as you and fc united have done

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