AFC Liverpool Launches

Liverpool fans

Like Manchester United supporters who grew disillusioned by the debt-laden takeover of their club, Liverpool supporter Alun Parry grew frustrated with the perceived greed of the Premier League and the foreign-ownership team of George Gillett and Tom Hicks.

Rather than sit back and moan about the state of things, Alun decided to do something. He has launched the AFC Liverpool website to see if there was interest in starting a new, grassroots version of Liverpool FC. Pitch Invasion conducted an e-mail interview with Alun and we will hopefully have Alun on a future edition of the EPL Talk podcast.

This, to me, is just another example of the growing backlash against the Premier League. Many people feel that the core values of the game at the highest levels have been subverted and are now more money-driven than they have ever been. The recent proposals by the Premier League to launch a 39th game held outside of England, have led some to conclude that the League have even put the chase for money over the integrity of their competition. For myself, my biggest interest has been the MyFC project where I actually can feel like part of something and not just another paying customer.

Where do you stand? Do you feel the Premier League is headed in the right direction or is their chase to expand their global reach eroding the core of their support?


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