Roy Keane told to stop 'bull****ing'

Roy KeaneFormer Republic of Ireland midfielder and current RTE pundit, Eamon Dunphy, launched one of his famous tirades in Roy Keane’s direction on RTE’s Pat Kenny Show on Radio 1 on Monday.

“I know Roy well and the one thing he hated when I knew him and when we were working on that book, he hated the bullsh*t that was part of manager-speak and part of player-speak. And now he holds these lengthy press conferences every week in which he anoints David O’Leary to be the next Ireland manager, anoints Terry Venables as the next Ireland manager.”

Dunphy went on to say: “He’s talked about the Cork GAA dispute, talked about how wonderful it is for The Premier League to play more games abroad and he’s just become rent-a-quote. And it’s quite extraordinary. This is a sharp, smart, outstanding human being and he’s just been sucked into that awful Premier League vacuousness and it’s sad to see Roy Keane bulls******g, but he is. But there you go. It happens.”

The strange part of this is the Dunphy helped write Keane’s biography back in 2002 and has always been a being a staunch supporter. He defended him during his row with Mick McCarthy and had an infamous pro-Keane rant during his departure from Manchester United in 2005.

What are your thoughts? Has Roy Keane become a corporate shill? or is he just protecting his own interests? What about Dunphy? Is it right for him to launch a personal attack like this?

4 thoughts on “Roy Keane told to stop 'bull****ing'”

  1. Of course he is, they all do eventually, they have to in order to survive.
    Unfortunately for Roy he hasn’t flourished as a manager.
    BUT that will change, imo.
    Problem with Sunderland:
    – Inconsistent: I watch them play their hearts out one week, and then the next week they get dominated. It pains me to see them play sometimes.
    And it pains me to predict them on IKTS because I always get them wrong.

  2. Missing the point, a bit.

    If you remember, Keano is one of the very few people who said that the Game 39 proposal was a good idea – and one of the very few public figures to not oppose it vehemently.

    IMO – it’s a smear tactic by the press to undermine the proposal, and Keano got broadsided in it.

    The timing is strange too – Sunderland are on the up and are actually pushing away from the relegation zone.

  3. I lost what little respect I had for him when he made the comments about players’ wives controlling their careers – I thought he was better than that, pushing easy, alpha-male, misogynist buttons. As Dunphy says, he’s become a rent-a-quote; terrified of saying anything bland or conventional.

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