How the Premier League Compares to the First Division


The game of English football has changed considerably from the 80s to today. In some ways, it’s unrecognizable especially in the stadiums and the business dealings off the pitch. But how much has it changed, if any, on the field?

EPL Talk would like to get your valuable insight and observations on how the Premier League of today compares to the First Division, as it was called back then, in the mid 1980s.

Below we have four different video clips from a documentary series entitled “Match of the 80s.” Here’s how it’ll work. Simply view the videos and afterwards leave a comment. What we’re looking for is your feedback on what differences you saw between the mid-80s and now, whether the game is slower or faster, the technical skill level and any other interesting observations.

For many of you, this may be the first time you’re seeing a lot of these video highlights. Others of you may not have even been born before 1985. It’ll be very interesting to read your observations no matter how young or old you are.



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