I'm On Setanta Sports Adding New Character To Show

setanta-sports.jpegThis Saturday (February 16, 2008), one of the hottest TV shows in the world of soccer will feature a new addition. The show is “I’m On Setanta Sports” starring the Jose Mourinho puppet. As of this Saturday, though, you can expect to see another character on screen next to The Special One.

Who that new puppet will be is a mystery, so much so that Setanta Sports has teamed with EPL Talk to create a competition. Send an email to [email protected] between now and Saturday. If you’re able to guess who the new character will be, you’ll be placed into a drawing where the grand prize is a free one year subscription to Setanta Broadband, the online channel for Setanta which allows you to watch all of their content online either streaming live or on-demand for later viewing.

The contest is only open to residents of the United States.
If you missed any of the episodes of “I’m On Setanta Sports,” watch the episodes here.

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