I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again

The Gaffer at Old TraffordAfter 10 grueling days in the hospital, I’m back. For those of you who may not have heard, I was rushed into the hospital on Thursday, January 31st and was just released last night. I’m so glad to be home, back with my family (wife and three girls) and able to communicate with the outside world (thanks to an Internet connection).

What happened to me is a long story, but the shortened version is that I had another episode of blood clots. The last one happened last August. This time I suffered blood clots in my leg and lungs. The ones in my lungs aren’t severe, but the ones in my leg are. I’ve been unable to get out of the hospital bed in the past 10 days and the pain is still excruciating, which means I’ll continue to be on bed rest for at least the next few days. Rather than stay in the hospital, the decision was made to have me recuperate from home.

I’m on medication so this will prevent any new blood clots from happening. The challenge is to see if this medicine will be able to break down the current clots in my leg so I can get back on my feet again.

While I’m so glad to be back, it may only be temporary before I get readmitted to the hospital if I decide to have a procedure to remove the clots. Right now, I’m weighing up the options and am seeking a second opinion.

Sorry to bring you down with the bad news, but as many of you can attest, there’s been a great kinship (and community) between the readers of EPL Talk ever since the site launched in 2005. So I want to make sure you get to hear the ins and outs of what’s happening in my personal life.

I’m greatly indebted to Michael, The Scout and Bill E Shears for writing on the blog/site while I was away. Thank you so much! Thanks also go to you, the readers, for lots of intelligent comments and your loyalty. Kartik, thanks for getting the word out to the EPL Talk Community via the message board regarding my health. And thanks to everyone for the emails, voicemails, posts and comments you made wishing me a quick return to recovery.

The Gaffer
(aka Christopher Harris)


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