Chelsea and Liverpool Ends in Predictable No Score Draw

chelsea-liverpool.gifSo I waited almost two weeks to finally watch a live Premier League match after a stay at a local hospital and which one did I having the privilege of watching? The twice annual tedious encounter between Chelsea and Liverpool, which usually ends up in a nil nil draw.

It’s a travesty to watch two teams with so much talent play a match devoid of creativity, excitement and goals. The heated rivalry between the two clubs was on display yet again with five yellow cards being awarded.

Except for a few entertaining moments, the game was an unattractive affair with the ball mostly bouncing back and forth in midfield like a pinball machine.

Liverpool, despite their current predicament, played better than I expected. Ryan Babel, especially, had a very good game playing with composure and being able to twist and turn threading his passes in midfield and down the left wing. In contrast, Steven Gerrard – I thought – had an extremely poor game especially in the first half. The accuracy of his passing was extremely poor and the England captain failed to really take the team by its horns.

While Liverpool had the chances to get the lead in the first half but failed to capitalize, the same happened to Chelsea in the second half with one shot in particular from Michael Ballack just missing the far post.

All in all, the result was a fair for both sides. However, the result shows Chelsea’s inability under Avram Grant to win matches against clubs in the big four. A win against Liverpool today would have taken the Blues just one point behind Man United after the Red Devils lost against Man City 2-1. The juggernaut at Arsenal continues to push the club forward and the north London side now finds itself two points ahead in first place.

5 thoughts on “Chelsea and Liverpool Ends in Predictable No Score Draw”

  1. Because that seems to be the Liverpool fans’ story after every game: could have, should have. Well you know what, you didn’t!

    I’ve written about this before. Liverpool fans seem to be happy with huffing and huffing (time of possession, shots), but they can’t blow the house down (scoring goals). The only thing that matters in soccer, and sports in general, is that number on the scoreboard, not any of the other stats. I don’t want to hear about how they should have won the game because they dominated it. I want to see them actually win a game like that!

    Talk is cheap.

    On another note though Gaffer, I disagree with you completely about Babel and Gerrard. Babel had a pretty bad game today. He consistently showed no first touch and never showed that killer instinct. He has pace to burn but never used it or any moves to beat Belletti, Babel kept cutting it back inside and didn’t do anything from there. Admittedly, Gerrard sprayed a few passes around early in the first half but he had a much better game than Babel. His passing got better as the game went on and orchestrated a couple of nice chances and was spreading the ball from his midfield position to both flanks by the middle of the match.

  2. I have to say that I only watched bits of the Liverpool-Chelsea clash but what I saw was on the dull side. I found the Bayern Munich – Werder Bremen game was more interesting to watch. The football on display was a bit better and at least the game had a couple of goals to talk about :)

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