ESPN TV Schedule for the February 19/20 Champions League Matches

 The TV schedule for ESPN’s coverage of the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 ties has been released, and I have to say, I think “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” has it exactly right. Not only did they select the best ties of the round to broadcast (their first legs, at least), these are the teams that appeal most to American viewers, the target audience.

You can make the valid argument that Manchester United is the most recognizable name here in the States, but their match against Lyon will likely not make for great viewing and thus will not be televised on ESPN.

Only a couple more week until the Champions League restarts and I couldn’t be more ready to see the best teams in Europe go at it after some of the dreadful games we’ve seen this winter. If you’d like to see my predictions, scroll down to the date of the Round of 16 draw where you’ll find capsules for each tie and my picks to advance.

Here’s the ESPN TV schedule:

Tuesday, February 19:

Arsenal vs. AC Milan (2:30 PM ET; ESPN2)
Celtic vs. Barcelona (5:00 PM ET; ESPN Classic)

Wednesday, February 20:

Liverpool vs. Inter Milan (2:30 PM ET; ESPN2)
AS Roma vs. Real Madrid (5:00 PM ET; ESPN Classic)

14 thoughts on “ESPN TV Schedule for the February 19/20 Champions League Matches”

  1. AGREE!
    Celtic v Barcelona is the only iffy one on entertainment, Barca are the ones with all the stars, enough to field two great teams, but it is in Scotland and that’s going to be the factor which makes this game a draw.
    Arsenal beats Milan.
    Inter beats Liverpool.
    Real Madrid beats Roma.

    And those are my predictions.
    What do you think?

  2. Good predictions dragonki in my opinion. I would have predicted the very same.

    I’m just itching for the return of the Champions League. I can’t wait for some of these ties because some of them look really good. The Inter vs. Liverpool game looks fantastic as I’m fanscinated to see if Inter can replicate their dominating league form into the worlds greatest competition. Real vs. Roma also looks good. Could be a tricky tie seeing as I think Real only been playing at half their potential in recent weeks, seemingly unchallenged at the top of La Liga. They need to be careful as Roma can be fantastic on their day, but Real should have enough quality to prevail. Arsenal vs Milan has to be the best game of the round though. Arsenal are the perfect team to entice Milan out of their shell and we should see an epic slug-off between two of Europe’s giants. I’m tipping Fabregas to dominate but Pato to score at least one over the two ties.

  3. As I said in the article, I have full capsules for the Round of 16 over at my blog (, but I’ll list my predictions to advance here:

    AC Milan
    Manchester United
    Real Madrid

  4. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two most popular European clubs in the US. As far as English clubs go, I’d venture to say Arsenal is the most popular but Chelsea is gaining ground and United/Liverpool both have followings.

  5. Gotta disagree with that last statement. Man U is one of the most recognizable sports franchises in the world and certainly the most popular in US. I would go as far to say that all of the “big four” in the BPL are more popular than any other European clubs in the US.

    By the way, the schedule listed here is wrong. Celtic/Barcelona is on the 20th not the 19th

  6. You’re forgetting Dave about the Hispanics. I know for a fact the support for Barca in the US + Mexico oustrips all their support in the whole of South America!

  7. does ANYONE have a complete schedule for gametimes on espn/espn2? or some more gametimes? I really want to watch but living in America is a bit of a detriment.

  8. of course Liverpool is the winner, everybody knew it. Liverpool will beat Inter Milan, and Lyon will beat MU, R. Madrid will beat AS Roma, Arsenal will beat AC Milan.

    that’s my prediction, thanks


  9. dreamers are from england.
    inter 3 liverpool 1
    real madrid 1 roma 1
    milan 4 arsenal 0

    please espn dont flash score of second
    game on classic,during first game.

  10. Well, you can not forget the Liverpool’s tradition in the league. They always do great, and this year, they look strong. Inter is out, no doubt about that… nothing important is going to happen in Milan (1-1.) Arsenal vs. Milan is a good game so far, can’t wait to see the score.

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