American Soccer Show @ US-Mexico

I’ll be traveling to Houston tomorrow morning to attend the US-Mexico friendly at Reliant Stadium. Anyone who wishes to meet up with me in Houston please email me at or leave a comment here. I want to thank Brian Zygo of the World Soccer Wrap podcast show for his advance work on our efforts in Houston.

3 thoughts on “American Soccer Show @ US-Mexico”

  1. My family are huge Manchester United Fans. I always loved George Best.
    Tomorrow is the great 50 year memorial for all the players and sports journalists who died in that horrific plane crash.

    Within 7 years the team was re built to be the best in the world and created by with new faces of soccer. Some Japanese conglomerate did not go out and buy the best names….it was done the old fashion way.

    It is such a heroic inspiring story that I am campaigning to have the American Press pick it up for all the soccer kids to read. It would be as if the New England Patriots crashed tomorrow and were re built from scratch

    please join me in emailing these press folks and lets get the attention it America for this great game

  2. Well I would like to meet you in Houston, but can’t break away. Any chance of a big game in Chicago again this summer. Have a great time. A USA-Mexico crowd is a great time.

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