CONCACAF Champions League a step forward

Today’s announcement in Miami by Jack Warner of the new Champions League format for North American continental club championship was a major step forward for a confederation whose organization and structure has been poor through the years. As was the case in the early 1990s when the Gold Cup replaced the dated CONCACAF Championship as the national team continental championship, the Champions Cup has been dated for ages now.

The new format with 24 teams who begin the competition will be structured as such:

8 seeded teams get direct byes to the group stage

The other 16 teams play a knock out round to determine which 8 teams join the 8 seeded teams in group play

Following the group stage, two teams from each group will advance to the Quarterfinals in February and from that point through the finals in April. this knock out portion of the tournament will resemble the current CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Two MLS teams have won the Champions Cup, DC United in 1998 and Los Angeles Galaxy in 2000.

3 thoughts on “CONCACAF Champions League a step forward”

  1. It’s the SUM not the CONCACAF events the Galaxy get a bye into. The champions cup and now the champions league will both have a strict qualifying criteria as they always have. This year BTW, Houston’s Champions Cup draw looks good. They are Atlante’s half rather than Pachuca (who DC will have to face in the semis) and so traveling to Cancun for the 2nd leg of that potential tie for Houston will probably be much easier than going to Mexico City or Guadalajara since the passion is different for the game in the Yucatan and the altitude is like home.

  2. Let’s just hope that the MLS shows will in this tournament. The MLS only won the old style of this tournament when all the games were played in the U.S. Hopefully the MLS will see that to be competitive they will need to enlarge the roster.

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