Barack Obama is a West Ham Fan

Have you all seen the article on the Telegraph’s website “revealing” that Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is a West Ham supporter?

I’m not sure what to make of this. Reports state that ever since Obama went on a trip to England five years ago, the Illinois senator has been a fan of the Claret and Blue and that he watches Premiership matches whenever he can with his busy schedule.

Of course, Bill and Hillary Clinton are supposedly huge Manchester United fans as well. They’re also fans of the New York Giants as Bill recently said while speaking to an elementary school. Curious that New York has more electoral votes than Massachusetts, the home state of the New England Patriots, the Giants’ opponent in the Super Bowl. Curious also that the Clintons seem to enjoy jumping on the bandwagons of successful teams.

Anyway, back to Obama. What do you guys think, is he a true Hammers fan?

21 thoughts on “Barack Obama is a West Ham Fan”

  1. Good to see that Barack is knowledgeable enough of the Premiership to support a club that isn’t one of the Big Four.

    Lets be honest, I doubt that many Americans – outside of the crazed European soccer fans like myself and those that read this website – know that West Ham even exists. Sure, everyone has heard of Man Utd and Liverpool but the likes of Everton, Reading, Portsmouth, West Ham…not likely.

    So kudos to Barack for being a savvy enough football fan to root for West Ham.

    Now, as for his knowledge of foreign policy issues…

  2. Of course the Clinton’s are Man U fans. (Bill)ary claimed in 2000 she’d always cheered for the Yankees because either she’s a chameleon or a front runner or worse both.

    Obama on the other hand is decent guy not prone to platitudes and today got Teddy Kennedy’s endorsement. The winds of change are blowing in Barack’s direction and we’d all be better for it if Bill and Hillary got out of the way.

  3. I’m admittedly not at a point where I’m a die-hard fan of any English team, but I can say that the way to tell a true fan is whether they remain a fan after their team of choice is relegated.

  4. Well, it would be logical for Obama to be a West Ham supporter since one of their players is from the Chicago area, Jonathan Spector.

    So, lets look at things, Barack and I are both from Chicago, we are progressives, we enjoy the EPL, have an interest in West Ham, are both Bears fans, so it looks like I’m in line for a job in the administration!

  5. When he claims to have first supported west ham, young jonothan spector was either in the usa still or playing at man utd.
    So i doubt that has any bearing on the matter..

    In any case being a hammer who can see the stadium from my window i am pleased that people see outside the big four, we are one of the best supported teams and it makes sense that he probebly got sucked in whilst watching us a few years back.. This would have been when we had Paulo di canio, joe cole, carrick, defoe, david james.. and we have been relegated and came back since then.. He truly is a Hammer:o)

  6. Dizzy, why knock a good laugh of a post?

    Ontario you certainly make a valid point.

    Kartik: It took more than a few people aback here in Illinois, that Hilary Clinton from Park Ridge, Il. which is Cub country, announced she was a Yankee fan. That maybe the real reason she is giving up on the Illinois primary.

  7. well i was kind of undecided who to vote for this next coming election. either mccain or obama. but since i’m a hammer, i know where my vote is going. us hammers stick together.

  8. Good to hear Barak’s a hammer. Maybe its not such a good omen for future success though, not so good and after a brave fight he might have to settle for coming 7th .

    One small consolation though – if he knows his terrace chants, he’ll be able to tell the republicans where to stick their blue flag.
    (see for further details)

  9. I didnt know that us hammers stretched that far around the world! a West Ham supporting president, hmm…….maybe we will get the olympic stadium after all!

  10. i am an west ham fan my self and i have a season ticket and all i can say is OH YEAH!!! so now whenever we lose out oppenets stadium is just going to get blown up! lol i think he is a west ham fan is because he has relatives that live in east london im just glad to say that he isnt a glory hunter who supports a bigger team like man u or some1

  11. Hello. My name is Rikki Wonka and I'm from London England. I loved your comments about West Ham United, and I have a thing or two to say to you. West Ham United is one of the biggest clubs in the world, and we are certainly THE MOST special club in the world. Yes it's true – we don't win many trophies and Premiership honours, but we do play football with a smile. We play football in a style that people love to see it being played and all the greatest players in England came through West Ham United's academy. Players like Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Michael Carrick, Jermain Defoe, the lost goes on and on. We have the best fans in the world and England only won the world cup in 1966 because of Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurstm and Martin Peters (all West Ham legends)

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