Fox Needs to Learn How to Pronounce 'Premier League'

Premier League logoYou would think that if you were in charge of a soccer TV network that your on-air personalities would know how to correctly pronounce the name of the flagship league that your channel carries. But in the case of Fox Soccer Channel, that isn’t the case.

It’s actually quite a common mistake that I hear often in the United States. I’ve been guilty of it in the past until I realized I was pronouncing it incorrectly.

The league name in question is the “Premier League.” Watching Fox Soccer Channel, it’s appalling how many times the on-air personalities mispronounce the name of the league. Obviously, no one is correcting them behind-the-scenes, so the problem gets worse. It sets a poor example for those viewers who don’t realize the league name is being pronounced incorrectly, and the issue perpetuates itself.

FSC on-air personalities pronounce the name of the league as if it’s spelled “Premiere League.” Instead, it should be pronounced “Prem-ier League” with an emphasis on “Prem.”

It’s a small issue, but it’s important that the channel at least get the name of the league correct. Otherwise how can they be expected to be taken seriously?

15 thoughts on “Fox Needs to Learn How to Pronounce 'Premier League'”

  1. That’s just a difference between British and American pronunciation. The Brits put the emphasis on the first syllable of Premier, we Americans on the second. Nothing is wrong with either pronunciation, just different.

  2. I stand corrected. I checked the Merriam Webster dictionary and Americans do pronounce it differently.

    The root of the word is Latin, but also features a bit of Anglo-French and Middle English.

    And here I thought the Americans were mispronouncing it the whole time!

    The Gaffer

  3. I thought I was the only one bothered by this. The guys on the Fox Soccer Report say it the correct English way all the time but there are a few others that don’t . It sounds even worse when they pronounce premiership that way too.

    If all of the guys on Fox Soccer Report can pronounce it the English way then they should all be doing it. When they say “Serie A” they pronounce it like an Italian would so why shouldn’t they do the same for this.

  4. ahh yes, more of a brit – “pronunciation and syntax are more important than the f—ing game BS”…gaffer, you are really losing it, go find a coach to hassle, okay?

    I am going to watch the English f—ing Soccer league…

    I have been dealing with this in my career for 25 years, and only in soccer do we get BS like this….

  5. This was stupid. There is only 1,000 more words like this. Take “united” for example. Us Americans say “uni-ted”, while Brits say “unite-ed”.

    I was going to start reading this blog, but after that so-called article? Hell no stupid.

  6. If you want to complain about anyone mispronouncing then have a pop at GolTV. They continuely pronounce all Spanish and Italian teams and words perfectly but continuely drop bloopers like ‘Ass Villa’ , ‘Tootnam’ and even heard them say ‘Wayne Rowney’ (but i suppose that can be excused seeing as Sven finds it impossible to say Rooney as well lol).

  7. You have the nerve to complain about how they pronounce Premier, but NOT that's it's not called Fox Football Channel, like it should be? What's wrong with you, man?

    The powers that be need to learn from Australia and change the damn name. I'd accept “world football” or even “foot-BALL” (accent on second syllable). Anything but what it's currently called. I DO NOT want to associate football with moms driving her kids around in a minivan.

  8. Seriously, why get worked up about pronounciation in a dogs breakfast language that is english? There are more exceptions than rules.

  9. It is things like this that turn off some from soccer. We speak American English and not Brit-English. We are two different countries that happen to have a common tongue. Let us not have very small differences like these keep us from enjoying the game we love.

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