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raul-de-quesada.jpgWhile at NSCAA, EPL Talk interviewed Fox Soccer Channel Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications and Creative Services Raul de Quesada. Here’s what we learned from Raul and other Fox representatives:

  • To find out which matches your local Fox Soccer Channel Viewing Party location will be showing, you’ll need to visit the pub’s website or call them directly. Not all of the matches will be viewing parties, but the ones that are will feature free giveaways and prizes.
  • Fox Soccer Channel hasn’t announced any California locations yet due to complex California State rules that say that free giveaways have to be valued at less than 50 cents. Bloody California!
  • The news we broke a few weeks ago about Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports sharing coverage of the FA Cup beginning next week is a synergy, according to de Quesada. However, it won’t mean that FSC will stop showing pay-per-view matches. It’ll only mean there’ll be fewer of them on PPV.
  • No word on HD from Fox Soccer Channel, but one interesting note is that their studio in southern California is not wired for HD, so all of the shows they produce there cannot be HD until they upgrade.
  • While Fox Soccer Channel considers their relationship with Setanta Sports a “synergy,” Fox considers GolTV a competitor according to de Quesada.


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